Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Winter Essentials

This kind of wintery post may be a little too early, especially for the UK, however I don't really tend to distinguish between Fall and Winter - for me as soon as it gets cold, it is coats and gloves weather! I guess I'm just always cold.. Anyway, I wanted to show you a little wishlist I prepared with items from Pure Collection, a brand that has plenty of cozy and warm items made of cashmere, silk or wool. I'm in love with their coats, especially the two minimalistic ones on either side. Talking about coats, I've been avoiding buying a new one as it seems like such a big deal to me - either I'm too picky or the coat is too expensive. Recent events, though, have given me no choice but to start looking for a new coat - basically on my Mango coat I broke one of the buttons off (it literally broke into pieces) and for my tartan duffle coat I broke the zipper today (it, too, broke into pieces), haha. I take that as a sign that those coats have been worn for way too long! 


  1. Like the winter essential selection great job on this post.

  2. Esmu tieši tāda pati kā tu, man praktiski vienmēr rudenī un ziemā ir auksti! :D
    Es arī esmu jauna mēteļa meklējumos, man vecais ir jau no kādas 11. klases! (kādi 4 vai 5 gadi vismaz jau ir pagājuši)


  3. nice post!! Loved your blog a lot :) i am following you now :) nice to connect <3

  4. The best bit about winter is the coats and scarves! Great post!