Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Hey there! Tomorrow I'm flying back to Luxembourg so today is quite stressful, along with some nasty surprises. I'm also really stressed this week as I know that I will find out whether my placement application will be taken to the next stage or not. If it will, they will surprise me with a spontaneous phone interview, which is something I've never done before... I really hope I do get the interview cause it is absolutely my dream placement! At the moment I honestly can't bring myself to tidy my room and pack because I just know that there is so much to do, so it's hard to actually start, haha. Figured I would make a quick post showing what I wore today to uni. It's getting colder every day, yet no sign of snow - let's see what Luxembourg brings! XOXO

I'm wearing a New Yorker sweater (similar), Topshop jeans and Sugarhill Boutique white shirt (will be shown in a separate post). 


  1. well I'll cross my fingers for you to get that interview!! love the outfit, you look so cute with your hair up like that. If I'm stuck on where to start, I make a list and then start. Whatever you finish cross off with a big fat red pen, it's very satisfying haha

  2. Lovely outfit.
    Hope you get good news about your placement!

  3. fingers x'd! haha trust me it's bloody freezing over here:(

  4. You look beautiful in this outfit dear..<3 :-)

  5. aw this is a really cute pic of you :D