Saturday, December 21, 2013


Ever since getting my iPhone 5 I've been quite active on Instagram (although sometimes not as active as I wish I was!), as it's just so easy to click a photo and share it with everyone. In a way it makes bloggers lazy - I'm sure you've all read about this, how bloggers often Instagram stuff and then forget to blog about it as it's already been documented and shown to people! A while ago I got my new Samsung Galaxy Tab*, which has been really helpful, as the images are so much bigger and it's really fun to scroll up and down on such device (obvio a first-time tablet user here). Eventually I swapped the tablet with my brother's iPad as it was more convenient for both of us. He preferred a smaller device, whereas I wanted to connect all my Apple products together. It's the first time I'm actually using a tablet so if you happen to know some cool apps/features, do let me know! I will also be on the lookout for some cool iPad cases soon :-)
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