Sunday, December 1, 2013


My new Zara Basics shirt, which I wore a few posts down. Love it to bits and you will definitely see more of this in the future!
My goodiebag from the Stylight London party I attended some weeks ago! Unfortunately I was too busy having fun to actually take some photos at the event, oops...
Amazing new Topshop leggings that I wore to the Stylight party.

A little preview to a beauty review post that is coming up soon... Never used a primer in my LIFE so I'm excited to give it a go!

A few weeks ago before going out with my housemate and best friend Rosie ♥
Now that I'm free from exams and assignments for a while, I am finally starting to eat a bit healthier again.. Truth be told, I'm munching on Oreos as we speak *the shame*
A few weeks ago at the F&F press day with Amy. I didn't make a post out of this as you guys seem to be bored of showrooms and stuff, but if you are interested you can check out Amy's vlog from the event (as well as the Motel party) where I'm also in a few awkward scenes haha.

My new Zara necklace - probably my favorite from my whole collection!


  1. Nice post! I love the pictures! The Topshop leggings and Zara necklace look so lovely!

  2. The necklace is a beaut! xx


  3. Hey babe! Just wanted to say I love your blog, you look stunning! I'm your newest follower on Bloglovin' :-)