Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Do you remember my post from Radiator PR press day where I saw those Lulu Guinness watches? After that my love for the brand only grew - their lip clutches have been on top of my wish-list for a while now, but at £245 they are quite pricey for a clutch bag. I have, however, also been looking into their luggage and wow, it's amazing! My luggage is black and boring, when I'm at airports I always see people with all these amazing suitcases and feel rather jealous, haha. It's really not a big deal - a suitcase is a suitcase and if it lets you travel aboard then there should be no problem! But being the girly girl that I am, I kind of wish I had a bright Lulu Guinness suitcase, such as the ones above. Which color do you prefer? I also found some nice cheap Brics suitcases at Direct Luggage, however I would most definitely go for the pink Lulu Guinness one!
It's definitely something I'm thinking of saving up for as they are quite pricey, but it would be something that I'll keep for years! ♥

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