Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tonight's dinner

I decided to skip the pasta/pizza for once and make myself a healthy dinner :D Humongous plate of salad and fresh fruit for desert. I may or may not have a huge bar of Toblerone as a back up desert... :D By the way, I've been trying to experiment a lot with avocado during the last months, but it always ends up tasting plain and boring, do you have any suggestions? ♥

Update: Just so I'm all honest with you guys, after this I still felt hungry, so I had a huge garlic bread, then I ordered pizza, then I ate half of my Toblerone bar. I guess this healthy thing just isn't me. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Embellished collar shirt

Today I wanted to show you some new items that I've ordered recently, however due to various reasons (mostly my lack of editing skills, or ability to find the nicest photos) I could only post this shirt, courtesy of Chicwish. I'm completely in love with the sheer material and the accents around the collar, and I already have plenty of ideas on how to wear it, so I think I might make a "ways to wear" post soon after getting this ((remember my post about the ways to wear a playsuit, like 3 years ago (if you want a good laugh, click on the post link and have a look, haha)? probably my most loyal readers do, well I thought I should do something like that again soon :))). The other things I can't really show you on my blog, but I can tell you about them. I was lucky enough to choose some items again from Sheinside, so I chose this wine red coat, which kind of reminds me of the very popular Zara coats, except in a bolder color, love it. The last and most awesome thing which I wanted to tell you about is the new lens I ordered today! I've been saving for a 50mm lens for some time so today I decided to order it. I got it from Amazon and obviously couldn't resist the next day delivery, so look out for some (hopefully) improved photos soon on the blog! ♥

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Friday night

This is what I looked like last night! I decided that I should, for once, go for the silver jewelry, so I wore the hand cuff and these earrings, which, very surprisingly, I don't remember where I got from... The dress is new, it's from Missguided. Love it! Last night was such an amazing night, I think I haven't had that much fun in ages. Might be the fact that I drank a whole wine bottle at predrinks..haha. I was surprised that I didn't have a hangover this morning, must be an eastern european thing :D. One of the guys from Pendulum was DJing last night and he played some sick music. I am always complaining about the club music, it's the most important thing for me, in order to have fun. This morning I woke up early with a nice sunshine, so my mood is even better :D! I'm off to London now, see you later, lovely readers ♥

Friday, January 25, 2013

University accomodation and how I made it m i n e

This is a post that a lot of you have been asking for ages, and today I tidied up my room (happens once per month), so I thought "What better time for a room post?!". Now, let's be honest, university accommodation is not very glamorous. Unless you go to London College of Fashion and pay 200£ per week, you know you are :D I was very surprised, in a bad way, when I first saw my room, because it wasn't exactly what I had imagined. The size is okay - it's quite big for an average university hall room, however the interior colors took a while to get used to. I mean, I'm not exactly the biggest fan of blue/orange/yellow curtains. Mixed with dark green, burgundy floor and creme walls. Hmm. Anyway, in this post I wanted to show you how I managed to make it a home for me! Let me take you through my room. The first thing you'll see when you enter is probably a long line of my shoes. Unfortunately there is no space for a shoe rack, therefore I positioned them along the wall, and some others in my closet. This is what the right side of my room looks like once you pass my wardrobe and bathroom (coming later). A single bed which is surprisingly comfortable and of course a clothes rack, since the wardrobe is waaaaaaaaaay too small for me.
On my clothes rack I keep some of my bags, my earrings and selected *special* clothing items which look better on display there, rather than in my closet ;D Since there is so little space, I need to utilize every part of my room. Under my shoe rack I keep shoe boxes that are too pretty to be thrown out (we all do that, don't we? right?), next to the shoeboxes, deeper in the corner is my laundry box. In front of the laundry box is a bag that contains lots of pretty/useful shopping bags. Again, I'm not the only one who keeps nice shopping bags....right? This is the top of a cupboard that stands next to my desk. I could utilize the space more efficiently, but right now it just holds my jewelry stand, medicine boxes, hair stuff and my tripod. This is my desk area. The plug-in internet can be a pain in the ass (no internet browsing in bed, boo) but it does mean it's very fast! I can also turn on internet sharing and get wifi on my phone, so that fixes my daily bedtime story (meaning last facebook updates, instagram etc.) The food on the desk is just something I made before the actual dinner which I'll probably make in a couple of hours. I made some salad and tea. I like drinking tea in a glass with a straw. These are the shelves above my desk where I keep my make up and hair things, lots of sunglasses, jewelry, books and other bits and bobs. Even my drawers don't escape some girliness! Here I keep the magazines which I haven't finished reading. The ones I've finished, I put them on the shelves above my desk. What a system ;D This green board stands above my shoes. I am really not fond of the color, at all, so I'm just trying to cover it up with pretty things that remind me of nice memories. Now we are turning around, leaving my bed to the left, my desk slightly to the right and my clothes rack right behind you.

This is how the room looks if you stand next to my desk.
The first door is my closet, which I'll show in the next photo, the second door is my bathroom which I didn't take photos of, as I think it may be a little bit inappropriate...or maybe I just didn't bother to tidy it, haha. The third door is the door to the hallway! This is my tiny wardrobe that I was talking about earlier. As you can see, all the clothes are stuffed together on hangers and the little cupboard on the floor is full of jeans, scarves, shorts, skirts and belts. Next to it is a big box which contains some summer clothes which I am not using at the moment, and then there's a bunch of shoes. I glued some IKEA square mirrors on the door, I think that next year's room occupant will be very happy! Hope you enjoyed my room tour and I'm interested in hearing your comments about what you think! ♥

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Royal blue/gold mix

Heyhey. This sweater/shirt combination was an accident, which I actually fell in love with! I think it really makes my blue sweater stand out, as it's quite plain otherwise. The reason that the third image has  a completely different color than the other ones is that I have an eye infection (kind of something I get every 2 weeks lately, it seems, ugh) and I'm basically only using one eye at the moment, as the other one is too sensitive to light, so I edited it differently without even noticing, haha. Today me and my next year housemates had some houses booked to view - we didn't like them much so we will continue tomorrow (with or without me, depending on the condition of my eyes :/). It's quite exciting, this whole house viewing process, makes me feel like a proper adult!
I've finished all my exams more than a week ago and did my last assignment - a presentation - on Monday so I've been free for a long time now. Feels like I've been free all the time since I arrived back in UK 3 weeks ago, even though I spent many whole days in the library. Tomorrow I will FINALLY go out again! I'm so excited to party after all this time. My eyes better not ruin it :P I better be off now, hoping to catch some good sleep and feel better in the morning, because I'm really excited for tomorrow's house as it's something special. ♥

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Studded Cat Ears

I love my new cat ears from Romwe and the peplum studded top from AX Paris! The leggings are from Oasap and you can buy them here. I'm definitely going to wear this outfit (along with some cat make-up) for a dress up party, so fingers crossed that there are some of those coming up! Very cliche, I know, but at least I'll have plenty of studded details, haha.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Red & Gold

I wore this outfit when I went out in Luxembourg several times, either with this skirt or jeans, so I'm really excited to finally show it to you! I'm really into gold lately, I don't know where this obsession started, but you might have noticed. Photos by Kaori, check her blog to see her outfits shot by me! Outfit details:

Shirt - c/o Chicwish
Skirt - ASOS
Bracelets - Topshop/DIY/gifted

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Make up & hair essentials

It's been a long while since I've done a post that is in any way related to beauty products and hair care. The reason for that is that I am not very enthusiastic about all this, I'm not the kind of girl that will spend all her money on make-up. I also tend to stick with some favorites for years at a time, simply because I don't know which other products to test. Anyway, since I've moved to the UK, I think my interest in beauty related stuff may have increased just slightly, so I thought I would show you the things I use each day, the things I couldn't really live without. First of all, the first photo summarizes ALL my hair care products. My routine is pretty simple - I use shampoo only 2-3 times per week and only in my roots. For the rest of the hair I use one of the two conditioners on both sides of the photo. I prefer silicone free hair conditioners, such as the L'Oreal Elvive one. The VO5 conditioner is good too, but it does have silicone in it, so I use it less often. The point of having 2 different conditioners is to make sure my hair doesn't get used to them. The red hair spray is another favorite of mine, which I've literally been using for 6 years now. It's more pricy than some other hairsprays, but the smell is just divine. It does have a lot of damaging ingredients in it, though, so I only use it once during two weeks, normally for a night out. The second part of my hair routine is hair serum or oil, which I really couldn't live without. I usually massage it in the ends of my hair while it is still slightly wet after the shower, and it makes it so much better. The middle one  from Pantene is okay, however, the Argan Oil which I got from Primark for, I think, 2,50£ is an absolute favorite of mine! Next time I'll buy like 5 of them, haha. The VO5 heat defence cream is something I only ever use when I straighten or curl my hair. It's quite nice and seems to work with my hair well. Put a bit too much on, and it'll feel greasy, so watch out. When it comes to my facial skin, I try to keep it simple. I usually put on some of the liquid foundation or the mousse foundation from Maybelline under my eyes. I don't use them both at a time, I think I couldn't decide which one to buy so I got both and use them according to my mood. I use the Maybelline bronzer every now and then (when I have limited time, I tend to forget it, which is pretty much every day), and then I use the blotting tissues instead of a powder, because I don't like the heavy feeling of make up on my face, and I don't have too much face shine so the tissues work well. It's maybe not a long term solution, I'm currently just experimenting with it. The pink brush is the one I use for my bronzer and the purple one is for eyeshadow and eyeliner (it has two sides). I use Maybelline gel eyeliner (seems like everything is from Maybelline - I am clearly still using the same products as I did when I was 13!) and the mascara is the one I got from the Motel event. I use many other mascaras too (my favorite ones come from Clinique, Urban Decay and ......Maybelline, oops), however right now I'm trying this one out. I tend to go for the brown mascaras every now and then, they do look almost the same as the black ones though. I remember using a Clinique mascara some years ago and it took me months until I realized I'd been using a brown one all that time! These are my face products, basically I'm currently trying out a couple of things from Yes to Carrots, and they are very soothing and gentle, which I like. The middle product is an oil which you put on your face and it removes make up quite efficiently. I received it at the Dahlia event, I think, and I'm also currently testing it but I do like it and it has become a part of my every day routine, well..for the past few days, at least. The Nivea tonic speaks for itself, I guess. Nothing much to say about that.

Seeing as I am definitely not a make up junkie, I don't really have too many products to show you, but I hope you enjoyed the post! Have you got any make-up tips or any suggestions of brands I could try out?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mixed look

The reason I named this look "Mixed look" is because it's not too casual, not too dressy, not too girly either. I like to wear heels during the day but then I try not to look too dressed up, so this is something I could wear. My mum probably won't be too happy when she sees these photos of me standing in the snow with bare feet and my red nose which is something that is inevitable for me when I'm cold. The things I do for the blog, right? Anyway, here are the outfit details:

Hoodie - c/o Wendybox
Shirt - Zara
Bracelets - Topshop/handmade/gifted
Jeans - BDG via Urban Outfitters
Heels - c/o Oasap 

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