Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fisheye Lens

A while ago I was sent some products from Tmart for review and one of those things was this Fisheye lens. A fisheye lens was something I had been considering for quite a long time. It's not actually anything useful but it is definitely fun and a great accessory to have! I must admit, I slightly got influenced by one or two videos of the Vine-famous dog Buster Beans, who belongs to Curtis Lepore.. (and yes I also follow Jessi, Brittany, Jerome and so on, haha, I have no life!)
Anyway, back to the point! Whenever I looked at fisheye lenses online, the prices were often quite steep for an iPhone accessory so I was surprised/suspicious to see that this website retails them for less than 10 euros (not bad, especially with free shipping)! As soon as the lens arrived, my suspicions vanished because it really did everything it was meant to do. The pack actually came with 2 lenses, one was the Fisheye lens which I used in most of the following photos and the other one was a Wide Angle lens which I also used in some photos. Accompanying the lenses also came a black matte phone cover which was customized to fit lenses as they needed to be attached onto the cover. Tmart has TONS of other iPhone accessories so this was definitely not the only Fisheye lens that they had on offer.
I know you guys love to see some personal/daily life posts on the blog every now and then so I thought  I would show you what I've been up to ever since I got back to Luxembourg 2 weeks ago!

The first day that we got back from Latvia I got super excited when I saw my packages and I immediately went crazy with the lens, taking photos of everyone and everything in the house! 

Last week we had a girly dinner/warmup at Amalie's place with some of the girls (Rebeka, Gabi and Heleret). The dinner was DELICIOUS and so was the desert, yum. 

As usual, spending almost every day at Interview with the girls! 

I had to spend a lot of time with my brother during the last weeks so we went to the funfair, town, the local park and other places :)

I'm so happy I finally got my driving licence! I'm still slightly afraid to drive alone yet, so far I've just been driving my dad around to get some practice in the real world :P // Awkward outfit photo before a chill night out - I wore my peplum skirt, Jack Daniels tank top, glitter Vans, studded leather jacket, clutch and Cheap Monday cat eye sunglasses! 

First photo is when me and Kaori had lovely sushi dinner last Monday, second photo is from Last night  (in the picture: Bruno, Amalie, Heleret) 

Summer food! Raspberry and Strawberry sorbets are my favorite ice cream ever! I also really love freshly pressed orange juice, it tastes nothing like the juice you can buy at the store. 

Yesterday I had a "job", I was participating as a model in a photoshoot for this bus company called Emile Weber. They basically needed photos of people looking really happy in a bus, haha. It was so fun and I met a lot of nice people, in the picture above you can see a backstage photo of the two other models being all coupley on the tourist bus - so cheesy! :D On the second picture you can see my new bag from Jump From Paper. I absolutely love the concept, and I can't wait to style it in an outfit post! 

Thursday, August 29, 2013


This post is quite overdue but I'm glad I finally got to show you this amazing dress! I'm a sucker for interesting details and this one checks all the boxes for me. I haven't actually worn it out yet, so this outfit is something I might wear in the future when I go out, after all, summer is ending so these are the last weeks to be able to go out bare-legged *sob*.. I think the dress looks great with simple accessories, sandal heels and hair up (to show off the detailing around neck and back).

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By the way, I'm coming back to the UK for a week just to move some stuff into my new house and for some blog-related things. Other than that I don't have very much planned so if you have any proposals or suggestions for something fun in London and Guildford, let me know! :)

Outfit details

Dress - c/o Choies
Heels - H&M
Earrings - Bik Bok 
Lips - Topshop Lip Crayon
Cuff - Bik Bok

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Hey there! A few days ago I went for a sushi dinner and drinks with Kaori, and it was great to catch up, as well as talk through a few practical things in the near future. I apologize for the picture quality but it was already getting dark (believe it or not), so it was difficult to get the photos to be crisp sharp! That day the weather was generally just gray and cloudy so I went completely blank and had no idea what to wear as this was such a change to the last few months! Therefore I decided to throw on an all-black outfit along with this statement jacket from the H&M AW13 collection (it will hit the stores 5th September). My favorite statement pieces are usually bold/interesting jackets, printed dresses and big necklaces, owning a few of these can be a lifesaver, really.

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Outfit details

Jacket - c/o H&M
Jeans - Urban Outfitters
Bag - ASOS
Boots - Topshop c/o Vouchercodes

Monday, August 26, 2013

Countryside Photodiary

These photos are really overdue as I went to the countryside about 3 weeks ago, but I've been quite busy so I only got to them now. I'm definitely a city girl and my biggest dream is to live in the very city centre so that I could just wake up, pull on some clothes and have breakfast at Starbucks (*fingers crossed for London during my training year*)! However, I think anyone can admit that it's also nice to get away sometimes from all civilization, enjoy the nature and get stung by mosquitoes (okay, that's not too nice actually..) I've added all the photos in the order so I can explain you everything properly.
First few photos are at my dad's uncles place, if you have been reading my blog for a few years you might know that we always make sure to visit them and their lovely gardens. They had just got a new little puppy that was 2 months old so most of the time we spent playing with him as we was just so funny and confused and hyper. They also have a neighbor dog who is always visiting them and swimming in their lake. After that we went back to my grandparents place near the beach and obviously to the beach itself. I didn't take too many photos there and I have already posted my beach "outfit" photos, haha. As you can see my brown dog likes relaxing on the beach! She's not too keen on swimming in the water, though!
The pictures after the beach are when we went to visit some historical sites, for example the spy tower and the old abandoned soviet city. The Russians were building these kind of places all over Latvia but then the Latvians threw them out at some point from this place before they even finished the houses, so you can see that the balcony's have no railing, there are no doors or windows, plenty of holes and the whole thing is grown into lots of grass. We saw a lot of cigarette packets and beer bottles (all looking relatively new) so I think people probably go to these places to have parties. Personally, I'd be quite scared! These houses could fall apart for all we know. In the last photos I'm on top of the lighthouse - it was very nice to enjoy the view above the whole forest and straight to the sea. I have a moderate fear of heights, but we were there for quite a while and I adapted to the height after a while. Hope you like the pictures! I will soon post another similar post reflecting on my whole experience this summer in Latvia in general!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunglasses Wishlist

This is a post that I've been meaning to post for quite a while now. As I have previously mentioned, sunglasses are always something I struggle with in terms of finding the right fit and shape and colors. Over the years I've developed a thing for turtleshell print or pure black sunglasses! Lately I've been thinking of purchasing some more expensive pair (particularly Ray Ban) which I could wear constantly with everything and I've had my eye set on the Ray Ban Cats for I don't even know how many years (some of my readers may even remember posts 2-3 years ago, haha). I'm also looking at the Ray Ban aviators, even though I had them a couple of years ago. This time I would prefer another color, such as this champagne pink kind of shade as above! However, I'm still looking at the cheaper pairs on ASOS as they all look so lovely, which is why I would appreciate your help on this - which pair do you think I should get?

PS. I realized today that there is no point getting designer glasses off ASOS as the price difference is huge! The site I found both Ray Ban pairs has them for almost half the price, so make sure you do your research :)

Links: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

Friday, August 23, 2013

Right Here, Right Now

Hey! This outfit is actually a recreation of something I wore a few weeks back in Latvia - with a few minor changes regarding the accessories. Sometimes you wear something you like but there just isn't enough time to take some photos which can be quite stressful as a blogger - it almost feels like the outfit was wasted, haha. That is why I like to write down the details of previous/future outfits on post-it notes so that I know what to shoot when I have no inspiration!
I am over the moon in love with this dress that Boohoo kindly gifted me a few weeks ago. It has the perfect paisley pattern and the cut is very flattering! I anticipate people asking about the bra situation with this kind of dress - it's quite simple with an adhesive bra. They really are useful, and if you follow the instructions they will last you quite a while.
A few days ago I received these amazing Cheap Monday cat-eye sunglasses from I'm really particular when it comes to sunglasses, because I have a never ending fear that so many shapes don't suit me, mostly because of my eyebrows. They always need to be big enough to cover my eyebrows, then I'm sorted! So far, these sunglasses are growing on me and seem to tick all the boxes in terms of my strange sunglasses requirements.

Outfit details 

Dress - c/o Boohoo 
Jacket - Topshop
Earrings - Accessorize
Clutch - c/o Oasap
Sunglasses - Surfdome 

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Little Mistress

Ever since I received this Cream & Black Embellished Lace Panel Detail Skater Dress from Little Mistress I couldn't get my eyes off it. I'm amazed by the amount of detailing it has - everything just seems so delicate and pretty. I am so excited to wear it out but I will definitely have to save it for a special event. Am I the only one who gets a new dress and wants its first outgoing to be special? Haha. With some dresses I even wait half a year until I find the perfect occasion.

Outfit details

Dress - c/o Little Mistress
Heels - c/o Boohoo
Earrings - Accessorize

PS. If you're wondering who took these pictures, it's this little happy fella here (aka my awesome 8 year old brother ♥):

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Saturday, August 17, 2013


This is not the kind of outfit I would usually post on my blog as it is just so simple and was basically a last-minute-throw-on before leaving the house. However, the day I wore it, I realized that in some way or another this is my lucky outfit, because that day I finally got my drivers licence! I started the whole driving thing about 2.5 years ago but I failed my exam in Luxembourg and when I wanted to do it in Latvia last summer, the system messed it up (even though we already paid them the money..), so I had to wait until this summer. Now I'm finally free, and it feels great, because this summer I did the whole thing in like 2-3 weeks time (intensive courses last one month, so what is my situation called?!) and it really tired me, which is why I was feeling down.
Now I'm going to jump in the shower and go to town as I'm meeting Kristaps for Rīgas Svētki (Riga City Festival 2013).

Outfit details

Jeans - Zara
Flats - c/o Chicwish
Sweater - New Yorker
Tote bag -
Bracelet - c/o Millie 'n' Mae