Saturday, September 28, 2013

Printed pants + Vagabond boots

One thing is for sure; I'm totally a pants girl, and not because I like them better or something but purely because they're easy to wear/style and I'm just lazy. This is why I've lately began appreciating printed pants as they add something extra to the outfit! I'm absolutely in love with printed pants in general - I wish I could buy sooo many printed jeans and loose pants, but unfortunately some of those styles are not really appropriate for autumn/winter.
For my birthday I got quite a few new clothes and shoes, including the pants (from my sister) and the boots (from my parents) that I'm wearing in this post. I absolutely love both! If you're interested in the boots, they're the Vagabond Dawn 550 boots. Perfect in every way ♥. I tried to find you some links but this specific pair seems to be difficult to find online for some reason.. Anyway, I can't wait to show you my other new boots as well, they're so nice and both so comfy!

PS. I was kindly asked to spread the word about this competition by a brand called MRP. They're the South African equivalent of Primark, only cheaper! By filling in the form in this competition you are in the chance of winning a years worth of clothing, pretty cool :D

Outfit details

Blouse - Zara
Clutch - c/o Oasap
Pants - H&M
Boots - Vagabond 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lace Dress

\ Today I met Tina for a spontaneous and fun shoot, and we took these extra photos for my blog and also of today's outfit (which will be up tomorrow or the day after). I actually drove to her place and back, as well as picking her up from the local food store so I feel quite proud as it's only the second time I've driven without my parents or teachers and whatnot. Each time I feel more confident at driving alone, the only thing that stops me from doing it all the time is that I don't always know the best routes and parkings!

Remember the dress I showed you a few posts down that I recently got from Zara? I absolutely A-D-O-R-E it, it's actually so simple but it can look cute, classy and very sexy too, depending on how you wear it thanks to the structured shape and lace. I think they even had it in white and the price was so good (25 GBP) so I definitely recommend you this dress if you're looking for something similar! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


It's my 20th birthday today, yay! I'm not sure if I should feel young or old, haha. My brother took these photos of me yesterday and I went crazy with filters :)

Monday, September 23, 2013


Hey, as you can see in the title it's my last post EVER as a teenager! Quite scary. It definitely hasn't been the best last day of my teenage life, but I guess I'll get over it. Tomorrow I will go to town to pick up some gifts from shops, as well as run some errands, and then in the evening I'll have a sushi dinner with my parents - can't wait!

This outfit is so typical me, all black. Finally a warm day with 20 degrees came, and while others might try to get a last glimpse of summer, for me it's still all black! Anyway, how amazing is my bag? It's from a brand called Jump From Paper and this particular bag is called Jazz, which comes from their limited edition range. Their idea is for people to stop taking everything so seriously and enjoy the life we've been given! I'm pretty sure most people would do a double take when seeing bags like this in the streets as they look like something out of a cartoon! In terms of practicality, the bag is not very big because of its 3D design, but it could easily fit in a few daily essentials!

Also I've been meaning to show you this amazing necklace by New Vintage By Kriss! You might remember my post about the Polhem PR press day where I got to meet the super sweet designer behind the brand, Kriss Poldma. A few days later we had a very lovely meeting where I was gifted this necklace. It's very delicate and girly, and the crystal is light pink, which makes it even better! For my Latvian readers, you can actually buy the jewellery at Madam Bonbon Boutique (Alberta ielā, 1-7A).

PS. What is up with Blogger changing the colors of pictures? My last 2 outfit posts have such strange colors, for this one I used flickr as a host, but I usually prefer to store all my photos straight on the blog, so this kinda sucks.

Outfit details

Crop top - Primark
Necklace - c/o NVBK 
Skirt - ASOS
Heels - c/o Boohoo
Bag - c/o Jump From Paper

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cosmo Blog Awards

Hey there! Sorry for the absence - I'm quite sick at the moment and I'm giving my best efforts to recover in time for my birthday on Tuesday. I'm sure that some of you know that I'm nominated in the category of Best Established Fashion Blog for Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013, which is still quite a shock despite having known this piece of information for more than 2 months. The event is in a little more than a week so, naturally, I'm stressing out about what to wear. Obviously, I've got a big bunch of pretty dresses in my wardrobe, but the dress code is definitely "dress to impress" so I want to make it a little bit more special. I ordered these 2 jumpsuits, I love them both and I couldn't actually choose! The black one is very me, and I could easily play around with the accessories and the hair/make-up, whereas the rose one is definitely a statement piece which would be worn with simple accessories - the only thing is that I'm afraid of looking a bit OTT with this one. Having said that, I'm glad I have a plan A and plan B.

I'm super excited about the blog awards, even though I honestly don't expect to win anything as I'm against some of the best blogs in the country, but I'm still sure it will be a great experience and a fun night.

I'm going to go for a nap again now as I feel quite weak, I just feel a bit guilty lately for not having such a good update, my goal is usually around 5-6 posts per week but sometimes I just have no inspiration whatsoever. Goodnight ♥

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Welcoming Autumn

There is no denying that it is getting colder and gloomier every day. It wouldn't actually be too bad, if it wasn't for the wind and the rain, ugh. I haven't quite got the sweaters and coats area sorted yet, but at least I finally have some rain boots! I absolutely love these Hunter wellies and while they are not as glamorous as a pair of heeled ankle boots, I think it's possible to make them actually look good! Most likely I will be purchasing the special socks made for Hunter wellies, I just don't know what color yet and they're quite pricey for a pair of socks, haha. By the way, this particular pair of wellies is called "Hunter Wellies Original Tall Black", but you can get other colors of the Hunter Wellies Tall range (all bold words are clickable and will take you to the page :)). I apologize for some of the pictures having different colors, for some reason my camera does that depending on how close/far I am.

In just a few days (24th September) it will be my birthday and I will say bye to my teenage life. I have always had mixed feelings about my birthday - a few of you might remember me mentioning in my "25 Facts About Me" post that I've cried on every single birthday, and it's true! I think it's a mix of unreasonable expectations and feeling like I should have done something more (like a party, for example). Hopefully this year I'll keep calm, haha.

>> By the way, I'm quite bored tonight, so if you have any questions, go ahead and ask me here on my :) <<

Outfit details

Jacket - c/o Romwe
Dress - Zara
Wellies - Hunter c/o Cloggs 
Necklace - c/o Pandora 
Earrings - Accessorize 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trier // Germany

Today I went to Germany (Trier) with my friend Gauthier. It's actually not a big deal because it's just a 45 minute train ride away, but I can understand that it sounds funny when people from Luxembourg say that they casually went to France/Germany/Belgium. For example, when I want to go to IKEA, I have a choice of one in Belgium and one in France, both 20 minutes away, haha. I haven't been to Trier for more than 2 years so I was curious to see whether I would still like it as it used to be my favorite shopping spot! My expectations were slightly too high and the pita chicken gyros I got made it a bit worse. I can't wait to order some proper greek food from Meat The Greek once I'm back in Guildford! However it was a fun day and it was great to catch up with an old friend. I feel a bit awkward looking so smiley in all of the photos but the photographer was trying to make me laugh as he was convinced that this is the way for blog pictures.
Talking about my outfit, it's literally what I've been living for these last few days = black skinny jeans, random white shirt, red cozy cardi and leather jacket. The Motel cardigan has easily become my favorite and most comfortable item, as it really is a life saver in this cold! Don't forget that you can get a 20% discount on all Motel full priced items using the code kristianav :)
Outfit details

Jeans - Zara
Cardigan - c/o Motel Rocks
Leather jacket - c/o Romwe
Bag - ASOS
Boots - Ebay

Monday, September 16, 2013

ghd Style & Protect

Some time ago I was sent the ghd Style & Protect Gift Set as a PR sample. They challenged me to look at the A/W13 hair trends and create my own. As you may know, I usually keep my hair really simple - for me it's just too much fuss to create a special hairstyle as my hair is quite long, therefore I thought this project would be interesting and I'm always open to trying out new things in terms of style. I did some research on the current hair trends and sleek, wet hair was HUGE. I went through some kind of Glamour article with around 70 photos and wet-hair was on pretty much every third photo. It's all about keeping the hair away from your face to make all your features visible (reminds me of America's Next Top Model, except there they cut off the hair on girls!) A long time ago I thought this kind of look is quite masculine or just strange, but after seeing it so much lately I've found myself thinking that it's quite a sexy look for an evening out!

Because my hair is so long, I wasn't sure whether it would stay like this but I think I found the magic trick to keep my hair back: hairspray and lots of it. What I did at the very beginning was use the "Straight & Smooth" spray which is the long, greenish bottle - it's literally one of those light hair mist sprays which smell nice - I sprayed it all over my hair from a considerate distance (to see if it does keep the frizz away as it states on the bottle and it did, yay!) Then I sprayed LOADS of it into my roots and brushed my hair backwards with my fingers and then the hair brush. To finish off the look and keep it in place I sprayed the smaller, blue bottle which is just like any normal hairspray.

As you can see, it was the top of my head which was slicked back and had the wet look, I chose to keep the rest simply hanging at the back. Some of the trend pages I checked out, people took this look further with a low ponytail or a bun. If you want some hairstyle ideas, ghd has an article about current hair trends on their website too! As I mentioned, this gift box was sent as a PR sample, but I genuinely liked it. If you don't want to pay the price, you can also buy all the products separately here

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Wishlist: AX Paris Shoes

Hey there! I'm glad you guys liked my last post. The Zara dresses and Hunter wellies seemed to be the general favorites :) You might have noticed a few minor changes in my layout - I am planning to do a whole makeover somewhere in the future, though! Continuing on from the post with my new items, I'm sure you all understood that I am in need of some boots for autumn, and the ones I fell in love with at Zara disappointed me :( I looked at some websites today as I had nothing to do at home and in particular I got really excited about the shoe range that AX Paris offers! I'm sure you are aware that I sometimes get sent some AX Paris clothes for review, however that only includes the actual clothing, not the shoes. Obviously my main goal is to get some boots, but while looking through the shoes I couldn't help but start thinking that I could use some going out heels as well. I think my favorites here are the studded wedges, the blue/mint Zara lookalike sandals and the studded chelsea bunny boots. I'm most likely going to order the chelsea bunny boots as they are so pretty, always comfy and a good fit - my Ebay ones, which are awfully similar (minus the studs), are coming to the end of their life (especially after the paint party I went to last night!).

Which one is your favorite pair from the collage I made? 

PS. You can have a look at the full shoe range on their website here

Friday, September 13, 2013

My New Friends

Now that a new season is rapidly approaching, I've been collecting new items for my wardrobe, slowly but surely! I do need to find a new coat and some wintery shoes, however I just can't seem to find any that I like or that fit me well, so it's quite frustrating. Luckily, that isn't an urgent matter since I still have my coat and boots from last year :)
While I was in London on Monday, me and Rosie spent AGES in Zara looking at and trying on their new A/W collection, which I absolutely adore. There were a few things which I was on a mission to get (after seeing them on, however when I got to the store they wouldn't fit/look quite right, which really sucked as I had built up my expectations. I did, however, come home with these 2 wonderful dresses, both from Zara TRF. The LBD is something I might wear for my birthday (24th September!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) or the Cosmo Blog Awards, and the tartan dress will be a great one to combine with various knits and coats during the winter season. Well..I know these are not appropriate for the weather that is coming up. However they were 5 POUNDS. 5 POUNDS. 1 pair, left in my size. It was a sign, I hear you say. The red fluffy cardigan is something I received from Motel Rocks as a gift for London Fashion Week, however as it turned out, I couldn't change my flight tickets and now I'm back in Luxembourg, missing out on all the fun :( Hopefully I can plan out everything better next time! I adore the jacket, nevertheless, it is super soft and warm - watch this space as you will see it a lot. Don't forget that you can get 20% off on all full-priced Motel items with the code kristianav!
It is awfully embarrassing to post a picture of a wrinkled item, but I will use that as a lesson in the future to remind myself to tidy my room, instead of throwing my clothes in the wardrobe after I get home. It was another one of my Zara purchases on Monday. It was 50 GPB which I'd think is quite a lot for a simple black blazer, but its fit is great and I really needed to replace all my old blazers with a proper and new one! The pencil skirt on the left is from Primark, it's not quite midi length as it finishes on the knees, but it's definitely longer than mini skirt. I actually bought it for a banking event I had to work at last night, but in the end I managed to wear my mini skirt anyway, haha. This one is very simple and I can see it being a great item to wear when I go out!
You have already seen those pants in my latest outfit post - I got them a couple of weeks ago in luxembourg for around 25 Euros which is quite good for pants and for Zara, period. I'm getting more and more used to baggy pants as they offer so much more comfort - something that you won't always get with skinny jeans. Remember when a few weeks ago I received a pair of Cheap Monday sunglasses thanks to the wonderful people at Surfdome? (Yes, the same sunglasses that I lost *sobs*) Well, when I had to choose something, I was very unsure as I really wanted a gym bag as well, as it would be very practical for going to the gym (if I ever get back into it..), travel and lots of other things. I did go for the sunglasses in the end but I couldn't get this amazing gym bag with swallows out of my mind, so I recently purchased it. It doesn't give me as much back pain as other bags would and it proved to be very friendly when I had to run from the shopping area in South Terminal to Gate 21 in London Gatwick airport in about 2-3 minute time before the gate closed. Yep. The black shirt with gold colored buttons is something I wanted for AGES. It's so simple, yet super versatile. I finally went to Zara in London and got it, now that I have a gift card from the Vouchercodes contest that I won. The white shirt with lace detailing is from H&M and I'm absolutely in love with it! Unfortunately, I'm a child at heart and don't know how to take care of clothes, so my "casual sweatpants" from Zara made holes on the back of the shirt, because of the pants tag on the back. Both of these items come from ASOS. The mustard quilted crop top was a gift and then I bought the ASOS Riley high-waisted jeans to go with the top. The top IS very cropped, so I need to be careful what I wear with it, but it does look amazing once it's on! For the jeans, I would suggest you size down - I found them slightly baggy, which I didn't really expect from "ultra skinny jeans" haha.
Last, but definitely not least, something VERY useful for when I go back to Uni at the end of this month. I live quite far away this year, so it would be such a shame if I am cold or drained from the rain without being able to quickly go home and change, like I would last year when I lived on campus! I was very excited when contacted me and asked me to choose a pair of shoes. At first I honestly thought that they actually sell cloggs, but when I went on their site I found out that they have a lot of amazing brands such as Converse, Vans, Dr Martens, Hunter, Timberland, Jeffrey Campbell, etc. Expect an outfit post soon!

What was your favorite item? Do you like these kinds of posts, or do you prefer seeing new items being worn in outfit posts?