Friday, November 29, 2013


A few weeks ago I received the Dance All Night Pfeiffer sweater from Wildfox and I've worn it already so many times but never in a blog-worthy outfit, so I only just now got to shooting it. I absolutely love the fit of this sweater - true to Wildfox style it is baggy, drops off the shoulders and has kind of bell sleeved arms. The material is VERY thin but somehow this sweater keeps me so warm, it's incredible, haha. It retails for £230 which is way out of my budget so I'm so thankful that they sent it to me for review! I'm probably going to wear it until I'm a granny.
I decided to pair the sweater with high-waisted black jeans, my old studded litas to toughen it up, and wavy hair/pink lipstick to keep it girly and fun! I would also love to wear the sweater with girly skater skirts, as well as some crazy printed leggings.
Sincerest apologies about the quality of the photos - they were taken around 3PM but it was SUCH a grey day that it proved to be impossible to get photos that weren't a bit blurry or something. I spent ages editing the photos until I got them to be somewhat decent.
This weekend I have absolutely no plans but I will be applying for placements, tidying the house and working on my blog. Lately I've been thinking that if there are any streetstyle photographers in Guildford, I would love to work with you every now and then - if you are interested, please drop me an email at ♥

Outfit details

Jeans - River Island
Sweater - c/o Wildfox
Boots - Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Christmas Lights

Last night for the first time I saw the Christmas lights in Guildford town centre, even though they were put there about a week ago. Now that I don't have a huge amount of coursework and exams being thrown at me, I can finally get back to normal life and actually enjoying being at uni! I've also made a long list of all the items that I've been sent recently and need reviewing, as well as new items I've purchased recently. I've also been thinking about what kind of posts I could create in the future, and since I've been blogging for quite a few years, how does advantages and disadvantages of being a blogger sound? Let me know if you have any other ideas, I love creating posts with lots of writing and planning as it always creates lots of discussion and you guys seem to like it :)

Outfit details

Coat - Zara
Skort - c/o Fashion Union
Boots - Vagabond
Shirt - Zara

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Yesterday I went to the Boohoo SS14 Press day. It was held at the amazing One Marylebone - pink lights outside AND a pink Boohoo double decker bus made an amazing first impression for what to expect inside. And, oh, was it good! When I walked into the showroom I just didn't know where to look, there were pretty pastels and crazy prints everywhere. So many different styles in one room that it could work for anyone. I'll show you my favorite bits and bobs below!
I absolutely fell in love with those shiny mint colored two-pieces and everything else on this photo, ahhhh.
I already set my eyes on this skirt the moment I saw it. There's something so elegant and timeless about a high-waisted nautical midi skirt, and I would love for it to be mine when the collection is out :))
Probably my favorite items of all were the Boutique ones, just look at those prints!
Outfit details: Zara bag, Red or Dead coat, Topshop scarf and boots, New Yorker sweater, Missguided dress worn under sweater.

A lovely surprise when we went into the pink double decker, I got to choose a Christmas gift from Boohoo. I chose the blue leather clutch from Boohoo Boutique below. Looooooove it ♥

Saturday, November 23, 2013


So sorry for my long absence! I have been so busy, actually the word busy does not describe well enough how I've been. So many exams and assignments - I even feel guilty now for being on my blog, haha. I can't wait until Monday when everything will be handed in, then I'll be able to take tons of outfit  photos and such. Last Thursday I also headed to London for the Stylight party and had a great time with fellow bloggers Amy, Kavita, Camilla and Kayla, besides I got to talk to the people behind Stylight which was super nice.
I am really not a big beauty person, my knowledge about this stuff is rather limited but obviously I do use beauty products all the time so I thought I could show you some of my latest additions, the selected few that I really liked! I received the Barry M Pink Princess nail polish from their Royal Textured Glitter Collection in my AX Paris goodiebag a while back, and I really do feel like a princess when I'm wearing this color. I am a big fan of Barry M as they have quite a diverse range of nail polish while all at very affordable prices. I already have 3 products from their Gelly Hi Shine range and this one in Plum has been the latest addition. They really do look super shiny, and the application is very easy. Probably the BEST product I have acquired of all time is the Seche Vite top coat, which my housemate Rosie suggested. It's quite expensive (you're looking at about 10£) but I got mine on Amazon for way cheaper. I really am not exaggerating when I say this top coat saves my nails every day. Remember the times when you wake up in the morning with bedsheet texture on your nails? This top coat dries your nail polish so fast that this has never happened since. It also makes my nails look very glossy and a lot of people have been asking me recently if I get my nails done at a salon. I was wondering whether you'd be interested in a separate post about this product - such as my nails with and without it? I really do recommend it highly, and I have also noticed that at all the blogger events I go to,whenever they have a nail bar, the professional manicurists use this product too.
Because I tend to be really mean to my nails/fingers when I'm stressed (embarrassing but true), I recently bought the Palmers hand cream which is the perfect size to take with me in my bag so that I can apply it on my hands all day. I'm sure you've all heard of Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover, and this is old news but I was quite curious so I finally got it too. It is a good product, don't get me wrong, but it does not remove your nail polish in 1 second as it states on the packaging. Perhaps I just have way too many layers of nail polish on, but I do have to swirl my fingers in the product for about 3-4 seconds until they're clean. Nevertheless, this product proves to be useful and quite handy - plus it smells better than normal nail polish removers. The last product is Palmer's Natural Bronze body lotion. I really love this brand and this product did not disappoint me! It does make my skin look more tan and it does it gradually, so there is no fuss about tan lines or anything as it is a body lotion. The only downside is that it does have a slight fake tan smell, but it does not bother me as I don't use very much of it anyway. Now I'm off to the library, have a nice weekend! ♥

PS. I'm sure you've all heard about the tragic accident that happened in Latvia on Thursday. The roof of a supermarket collapsed onto the people during the busiest hour at the store - 51 people have died (including firefighters trying to save the people that were trapped) and lots are in the hospital. I even followed a guy on twitter who was updating during the day, as he wrote that he still hasn't heard about his mum and he is really afraid. In the evening I refreshed his page and he said he finally received tragic news about her :( I donated some money to the official fund and I thought I would share the link if you would like to donate as well. It's a page in latvian but you can use google translate. In the dropdown menu choose "Ar norēķinu karti" as the other options are Latvian bank cards. 

Monday, November 18, 2013


Hey there! Last Thursday I was in London (this is starting to become a habit every Thursday, yikes) for the Motel Rocks blogger party which was hosted at Professor Green's club INK. As usual there were all the classic Motel party ingredients - hair salon, nail bar, great snacks (such as the frozen yoghurt above YUM), amazing drinks and lots of fun things to do. The extra fun bits included being able to watch a graffiti artist create a drawing live at the club and we could also instantly print off photos that were tagged with the Motel hashtag, so cool! As we were one of the first 35 to arrive, I was allowed to select an item from their collection that would be gifted - just like last year, I actually don't know what I will receive as you had to put down 3 choices, but that does add the element of surprise :-) As well as all this, I did my first ever video interview for a magazine - I was SO not going to do (because I was quite nervous) it but somehow got talked into it. It wasn't as bad as I imagined but I'm sure I did say some silly things. Now that I'm looking through the photos, it seems that most of the night I was too busy socializing rather taking photos for this post, and most of the photos actually come from bathroom, ha... Anyway, let me take you through the pictures! Before the party I met up with Amy to go to the F&F press day, and later we met Leanne and Victoria (kind of funny being the odd one out without pink hair :D). I've already met Amy and Leanne at various events and they are both super sweet, plus it was so nice to finally meet Victoria in real life as I've been following her blog for ages!
I also met Jess from Copper Garden, who was shortlisted in the same category as I was at the Cosmo Blog Awards, and we've been hoping to bump into each other since like forever!
I probably spent most of the night with Laura, who I'm so glad I met! You know when you have that awesome connection with someone you've just met, where you just can't stop talking? She is very inspiring made me go home with a lot to think about - I really hope we meet again soon!

So yeah, this is a brief summary of my night, I will now be off as I am in charge of filming the commercial for my group's marketing project tonight, yay... 

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Lately I've had some additions to my shoe collection so I thought I'd make a post about my new pairs! The heels above are from GUESS, I got them at the ridiculous price of 35£ at TK Maxx. Gotta love that store! The heels fit perfectly, they are also very steady and you can feel the quality as soon as you put them on. I think these will be my go-to heels for a long, long time! They have a leopard print sole too, which adds something extra to the plain black shoe. My second pair are these New Look beauties. It's a bit of a risk as they have no platform, which I'm used to, but definitely a risk I was willing to take, especially when it came to the student friendly price. They're definitely my prettiest heels, I just can't stop staring at them, haha. I also love the zip opening at the back, as I get quite annoyed when having to close straps on my heels especially after having painted my nails! The last pair are these buckle boots from New Look - pretty much exact copies of the Jeffrey Campbell version. I love these, however they are way too big for me! I ordered my usual size (UK6), where I really should have got UK5. Unfortunately now they are only available from size 6 and up, so I can only return them, which sucks.. If any of you have the exact same pair in UK5 and need a size bigger, I'd be more than happy to exchange! Mine are in mint condition, with all labels still attached.

Which pair do you like best? 

Friday, November 15, 2013


A while back while I was in London I popped by the Neon Rose showroom to check out their upcoming items. Oh my god, they were AMAZING! I would seriously wear each and every thing that I saw there, I swear. Like I said in my last post, all their items are quirky and somewhat different from what you would normally see. I love details such as cut outs, asymmetric shapes, cami straps, florals, leopard print and they were all there.
I was wondering whether you guys enjoy my showroom posts? I usually dedicate a separate post to each visit that I do, but I'm wondering whether you are very interested in upcoming collections and want me to continue as before, or would you prefer if I made a summary post with bits and pieces from all showrooms together? ♥ 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I'm very glad I finally managed to take photos of this outfit as I've worn these items so many times already! I'm so in love with this faux leather skirt - the look of it is just so perfect, however unfortunately I will have to get it taken in at the waist, but after that I'm planning to use it to its full potential. The sweater is a slightly different take on the oh-so-popular Kenzo sweater that everyone had a while ago, I actually think I prefer this version rather than the original. Some good news actually for those who are interested in the sweater, it's currently on sale for only £13 on Bank Fashion! All items from Neon Rose are really fun and quirky, which is something I really love about the brand. I recently went to their press day in London so you can expect to see some pictures of their upcoming collection soon on the blog :-)

Outfit details

Skirt - c/o Neon Rose
Sweater - c/o Neon Rose
Boots - Topshop 
Phone case - c/o Benjamins
Nail polish - c/o Barry M 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Winter Essentials

This kind of wintery post may be a little too early, especially for the UK, however I don't really tend to distinguish between Fall and Winter - for me as soon as it gets cold, it is coats and gloves weather! I guess I'm just always cold.. Anyway, I wanted to show you a little wishlist I prepared with items from Pure Collection, a brand that has plenty of cozy and warm items made of cashmere, silk or wool. I'm in love with their coats, especially the two minimalistic ones on either side. Talking about coats, I've been avoiding buying a new one as it seems like such a big deal to me - either I'm too picky or the coat is too expensive. Recent events, though, have given me no choice but to start looking for a new coat - basically on my Mango coat I broke one of the buttons off (it literally broke into pieces) and for my tartan duffle coat I broke the zipper today (it, too, broke into pieces), haha. I take that as a sign that those coats have been worn for way too long! 

Monday, November 11, 2013


Hey there! So sorry for the weird update.. My excuse is an odd one this time, as opposed to the usual no inspiration/motivation etc. Basically I've got LOTS of photos waiting for LOTS of posts, however either I was in the library all weekend, or tucked under my bedsheets drinking tea and medicine. I'm done with my first exam today so I can breathe a little bit, however I've already got my next one in a week! Good news is that after that, the only exams I'll have are the end-of-semester ones in January. ANYWAY. Last Thursday, very unlike myself, I woke up at 6 AM. Okay, back when I was in high-school, this was a normal occurrence - I'd go to sleep at 12PM, wake up at 6AM and feel absolutely fine. Now that I'm in University, the earliest I ever get up is something like 7:34 AM and even that is too hard to handle. However tired and weak I felt last Thursday, nothing could stop me from the excitement of making my way to London as I was invited to the Red or Dead Blogger Breakfast at The Breakfast Club on Rufus Street. It was a very small, low-key event with only a few bloggers so I felt very honored to be there.

We were absolutely spoiled for food and I guess you could say I took full advantage of that! I think I had like 4-5 cups of freshly pressed orange juice, oat-strawberry-banana milkshake, and berry smoothies, it was the perfect refreshment for such an early morning after travelling in a very busy train to London. From the given menu I ordered pancakes with bacon (I've never tried this before so I was really curious!) and fruit salad with mint yoghurt, so basically the two middle dishes in the photo. Both were AH-MAZNIG. I definitely need to go back there, I now get what all the hype is about!

We were then given a really interesting presentation, all about how the brand started as well as their different collections during the years. Did you know that they recently celebrated their 30th birthday? I'd suggest you read all about their story here, it's really interesting I promise you! We then played Red or Dead bingo and the winner could win their awesome Starstruck bike worth £400 - stakes were high! Unfortunately I didn't win but oh well :(

All around the room were showcased items from their current collections, above are some of my favorites! The biggest surprise was when we were told that we could choose one of the items from the rail above to keep and feature in an outfit post. Any guesses what I picked? You may find it easier if you have seen my post about my visit to the Chase PR showroom... I really really really hope it's possible to get the item that I picked as I'm just SO crazy about it since the moment I saw it, ahhhh! :D

It was such a pleasure to meet Katie who is the creative director and also the one who gave us the presentation. She was really funny and quirky, but then again what else would you expect for a brand like Red or Dead?!

Group photo (minus the lovely Chase PR girls), from left: Paige Joanna, Sarah, me, Katie, Amy, Sara, Plum, Siu-Yin Shing.

Super fabulous goodie bag included Red or Dead tights, wallet and cardholder, as well as toast post-it notes (OMG?!), and an iTunes giftcard! Yaaaaay! Thanks so much to Red or Dead and Chase PR for having us, it was such a lovely event and I now feel a special connection to the brand *feeling a bit cheesy now* ♥

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Last night I went out for the first time in ages as it was a friend's birthday and later we went to see Basshunter at the University club, this is what I looked like! I recently had the chance to pick an item from the brand new Kardashian Kollection for Lipsy. When I first heard of their new collection, I somehow imagined bondage bodycon dresses and stuff, however I was in for a surprise! The collection is very on trend and most pieces are really versatile. I went for this amazing crop mesh/caviar bead top and it is SO stunning that it has easily become my favorite piece in my wardrobe! It is very tight but fear not, for it has a zip on the side, making it a lot easier when you put the top on. This top is such a statement piece on its own so I chose to keep it simple with the rest of my look. You can shop the entire collection here. I took another detail photo in the morning, just so you can see the caviar beads more clearly. Isn't it just so beautiful?! You can buy the top here, and some other favorites of mine from this collection are the fake feather coat (OMG, SO amazing!) and this caviar bead dress, same style as my crop top. Below you can also see the behind-the-scenes video from the collection photoshoot with Terry Richardson.
PS. Khloe is coming to London on the 15th November to meet the customers, unfortunately the contest to win tickets has ended, however if you're a true Kardashian fan, you might want to stick around anyway ;-) More info here.

Outfit details

Jeans - River Island
Heels - Zara (2012)
Clutch - c/o Oasap