Monday, December 30, 2013


Sometimes I really wish I would travel more - I just don't think about how awesome it is during the time when I'm not travelling. I've already been to Amsterdam twice before but was still super excited to go back as it had been a couple of years! It's not often that I use black and white photography in my blog, but after experimenting with these photos for a bit, I realized that B/W just gives it a something extra (and shadows the fact that I can't take proper photos at night)!
Are you guys excited for New Years Eve? What are your plans? I will be going to my friend's place, where we will all celebrate into the New Year and about 1 or 2 at night we will go clubbing in town. I had a bit of an outfit-stress as I was expecting a package with a dress from Little Mistress, but the dress went out of stock. I only found out after I got to Luxembourg, so I've left all my fancy dresses in the UK, which sucks. However, in the end I will be wearing an embroidered skirt with a top and statement necklace. ♥

PS. Some photo explanations: I don't usually wear glasses unless I'm at home, but I had an eye infection (not visible, but painful!) so I wore my glasses instead of contact lenses. The last photo shows how close we were parked to the canal - I could literally fall into the water from my carseat! 

Sunday, December 29, 2013


I was meant to publish this post yesterday but completely forgot as the whole day we were driving back to Luxembourg - the ride felt really long and tiring. Here you can see what I wore when I went to the cinema to see Frozen 3D a few days ago with my brother. Although I've worn this faux fur dip dye coat a fair number of times, I never actually got to feature it in an outfit post yet. It's super warm and cozy and you know what the best thing is? It's currently on sale for £30 (link below)! I'm so happy that Red or Dead let me pick this item during their blogger breakfast, and I'm pretty sure it will be a piece that I'll keep for years.

By the way, since taking the photos I've cut my hair, you will see more of that later :)

Faux fur coat - c/o Red or Dead
Jeans - River Island
Bag - H&M 
Earrings - Accessorize
Boots - Vagabond



You cannot imagine how I feel now, after making this wishlist and going through all those online shops. The above wishlist pretty much sums up all the things I've been lusting for during the last months/weeks etc. You can see that I'm quite indecisive when it comes to a tablet case - Marc by Marc Jacobs simply have way too many nice ones! That blue mohair Zara coat has been on my mind ever since seeing it at the Gatwick airport Zara. A wallet (read: a Michael Kors wallet) is probably my number one necessity as of now, because my current wallet is really old and not very useful anymore. And what Topshop fluffy crop? Well, there was a nicer one on the shop, however it was made of angora, so I immediately closed the tab. This one would be absolutely perfect with pretty much everything - especially with my new Little Mistress sequin skirt, for a more casual day look. I've been crazy about knee high (or above) boots for pretty much ages now, however always struggle to find the right pair. These boots from ZARA look as right as it can get!

Anyway, I should stop writing now and instead start saving money (bye bye Starbucks). If anyone wants to get me a late Christmas prezzie, anything from above is a safe pick ;-) I will leave you now, however if you are interested in any of the products, I tried my best to find some links for you above! ♥

Friday, December 27, 2013


Hey guys. I'm currently updating from my phone as I'm in Amsterdam, but I didn't want to miss out a day on the blog! I recently received these photos from a shoot I did with Tina in September, it was kind of a birthday shoot. Can't wait to see the rest of the photos, they were so fun to shoot!
I've got an eye infection so I've been using my glasses during the last days, it's quite annoying to be wearing glasses when it rains (as it is now in Amsterdam). We are having pizza now and enjoying free wifi, so I wish you guys a great weekend! XOXO

Thursday, December 26, 2013


A while back I received this Urban Retreat Ultimate Gift With Purchase set, which is essentially £110 worth of products for free when you spend £150 or more, and I gave myself a few weeks to test some of the products properly. Unfortunately I think I'm a bit late with the review as I can't seem to find this gift set on the site anymore, however I thought I would still review the products as some of them are FAB and you can always get full sized versions :-) Above you can see the full contents of the package, which are all sample sized. These include (links to full-sized products): Nars Lip Gloss Gold Digger, Thalgo Cleansing Water 2 in 1, Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, Delarom Face Cleansing Gel, Valmont Renewing Pack, Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask, Cosmetics 27 Plasma 27, Unite 7 Seconds Conditioner, Pureology Precious Oil, Guam Cellulite Formula Seaweed Mud, Keraskin Le Body Serum.
Nars Gold Digger Lip Gloss
From the products in this gift set, the one I use daily right now is the Pureology hair oil - it smells amazing and a little goes a long way. You just need to be careful as if too much is applied, it looks oily. I also like the Laura Mercier primer - I've never actually had/used a primer before this so I can't really judge whether it's good or not, but it feels very nice on my skin and smells great too! The Thalgo Cleansing Water is absolutely amazing on my skin. Even though my skin isn't super sensitive, pretty much every cleansing product I've tried in my life gave me a burning sensation which was awful, by this stage I kind of "expect" it as it's so normal, but this cleanser was so friendly on my skin. Unite 7 Seconds Conditioner is also a product I've been using quite a bit - it detangles my hair before brushing it out.

Thanks to the awesome Urban Retreat Beautique people for gifting me this set, I am more and more interested in beauty products lately and can't wait to do more reviews! 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


...So yeah. I might have gone a little bit over the top while trying to "Christmas" these photos up a little. I had no idea what to wear for Christmas until the last moment, but when I looked in my wardrobe, this dress stood out immediately to me - the color, print and shape just seemed perfect for the occasion. As I wasn't going anywhere other than my own living room/dining room, I didn't see a reason to wear heels as at home I have to be comfortable, otherwise it just doesn't feel right. We had amazing dinner (completely vegetarian) as well as mulled wine. Throughout the evening my little brother made sure no one is in the living room so "santa could bring the presents", which we opened not much later. I have more photos from Christmas Eve but I'll show them to you another time! Today I slept in for quite a while and then took my brother to the cinema to see Frozen 3D. Not the biggest fan of animated movies, however this one was so amazing, I absolutely loved it and totally recommend it to all you guys. Merry Christmas! ♥

Wearing studded ZARA flats & ZARA tartan dress. 

Monday, December 23, 2013


This Motel Check Sequin Gabby dress is definitely one of my favorites currently! It can be found on Motel Rocks website in many different colors/prints/textures, and it has such a great fit that I'm definitely thinking of getting another one (see for yourself here). I just wanted to quickly show you how I looked when me and Amalie went out in Oxford, to a local club called Camera, by the way - is it just me who thought it's a strange name for a club the first time you heard it? It was a really fun night, however the ground in the club was so slippery that, even with my best efforts, I managed to slip at the very end of the night and currently have the biggest bruise on my knee (evidence on Instagram). Even though me and Amalie curled our hair, the results were not long lasting as we got caught in the rain on the way to the club! I wore my new Rimmel Apocalips lipstick, definitely something I'll be purchasing in more colors. I really recommend the product as it's really easy to apply and feels like a very light lip gloss, while the pigment is as strong as the one from a lipstick. Mine is in the color Across The Universe

Sunday, December 22, 2013


While visiting Amalie in Oxford, I decided to try out vlogging. It's just little videos of my experience there, which was super fun! I can't take myself seriously when I'm with her so we just end up acting silly like in the vide, haha. Hope you enjoy and don't forget to choose HD quality! xoxo

Saturday, December 21, 2013


Ever since getting my iPhone 5 I've been quite active on Instagram (although sometimes not as active as I wish I was!), as it's just so easy to click a photo and share it with everyone. In a way it makes bloggers lazy - I'm sure you've all read about this, how bloggers often Instagram stuff and then forget to blog about it as it's already been documented and shown to people! A while ago I got my new Samsung Galaxy Tab*, which has been really helpful, as the images are so much bigger and it's really fun to scroll up and down on such device (obvio a first-time tablet user here). Eventually I swapped the tablet with my brother's iPad as it was more convenient for both of us. He preferred a smaller device, whereas I wanted to connect all my Apple products together. It's the first time I'm actually using a tablet so if you happen to know some cool apps/features, do let me know! I will also be on the lookout for some cool iPad cases soon :-)
If you want to see more of me or my life (aka selfies and food), make sure you follow my Instagram here!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Hey there! Tomorrow I'm flying back to Luxembourg so today is quite stressful, along with some nasty surprises. I'm also really stressed this week as I know that I will find out whether my placement application will be taken to the next stage or not. If it will, they will surprise me with a spontaneous phone interview, which is something I've never done before... I really hope I do get the interview cause it is absolutely my dream placement! At the moment I honestly can't bring myself to tidy my room and pack because I just know that there is so much to do, so it's hard to actually start, haha. Figured I would make a quick post showing what I wore today to uni. It's getting colder every day, yet no sign of snow - let's see what Luxembourg brings! XOXO

I'm wearing a New Yorker sweater (similar), Topshop jeans and Sugarhill Boutique white shirt (will be shown in a separate post). 

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Yet another all-black outfit! I planned a shoot for this look today however it was raining ALL THE TIME, so it was near to impossible to get any decent photos done. I wish I had some better photos of the sheer black blouse under my jacket however at that point I was already drenched. It's from an Australian brand called Heart by nANA jUDY, that features a lot of edgy items. In the close-up collar photo, it might not be completely visible but the top button is a gold skull head - how cool?! On the back of the shirt there are also 2 skull heads like this. For me it's all in the little details! As you can see, I've also received my new ASOS black velvet bag and I love it!
Today I've been busy helping my housemates with cooking Christmas dinner - I absolutely can't wait! I had it for the first time last year and loved it, my favorite bit was Yorkshire pudding. Currently also listening to the new Bullet For My Valentine album here (I know I'm a bit slow, ha). Feeling a bit sour about the fact that they're going to be playing in Luxembourg again but I won't be there at the time. Wouldn't hurt to see them live for the 3rd time ♥

Outfit details

Blazer - c/o H&M Paris Collection
Bag - ASOS (here)
Jeans - River Island 
Boots - Vagabond Dawn 550 (here)
Nails - Nail Rock (here)
Owl ring - Jana Reinhardt (here
Earrings - Urban Outfitters (here)

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Apologies for the blog being silent the last two days! I went to Oxford to visit my friend Amalie who studies and lives there. I had a lot of fun and I filmed a videoblog during my stay, which is something I've never really done before so I hope it will turn out okay as I'm such a newbie to this. I absolutely loved Oxford, it was so nice to see another town in the UK, than just always Guildford and London. It made me realize that I should visit my friends more often and try different places! Last night we went out to a club called Camera, which was super fun. I bumped into a fellow blogger Arabella which was a fun surprise and I also confronted, for the first time, one of those guys that randomly grab your butt while they walk past you. I basically got so upset when he did it, that I pulled him back by his shirt and told him how rude he was being by harassing girls like that! It really is a bigger issue than what you might think - sure, it does happen ALL the time at night clubs and I'm sure most girls just laugh it off, or just let it be, but why should it be okay for guys to be able to do that? Well anyway, I hope my tipsy and overly confident-self shamed the guy enough to stop doing it in the future..but who knows. This morning we woke up at 9AM because of a fire alarm (I do NOT miss living in halls !!!) after 4 hour sleep, plus I was yet to face the worst hangover of my life (still suffering, at 11 PM). I didn't even drink that much so it came completely by surprise. Luckily my hair was still rather wavy and I had enough energy to do my make-up so I tried to hide the tiredness as much as possible! We then headed to town, ate at Pret A Manger, had Starbucks and did some touristy stuff. I also got to see parts of her University, where we also shot these photos.

The outfit is another one of my very typical looks - simple and basic items paired with some colorful accessories. This red velvet bag is definitely my favorite accessory in my whole wardrobe, I just can't get enough of it! Usually I go with silver jewelry, so today for a change I opted for only gold pieces, such as this brand new Jana Reinhardt gold plated owl ring, and my Urban Outfitters lion earrings (I guess I have a thing for animal symbols). I'm super excited to show you more of this outfit "in action" in the promised vlog! ♥

Outfit details

Jeans - River Island (similar)
Coat - ZARA
Bag - ASOS (here)
Necklace - ZARA
Boots - Vagabond (here)
Earrings - Urban Outfitters (here)
Ring - c/o Jana Reinhardt
Small ring - Brandy Melville 
Shirt - ZARA
Lipstick - Rimmel Apocalips (here)

PS. Try to ignore the fact that my right arm is surgically attached to the bag. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


You may remember that I recently went to the Motel Rocks party at INK club in London. The first 30 guests had the chance to choose an item (you had to select 3 items and they would send you 1 of them depending on stock). Last year I was also one of the first lucky people who could choose an item, in the end I received my last choice but I really liked it anyway! This time I actually received my first choice which was this amazing Gabby dress. Unfortunately I just couldn't get a good full-length photo of this dress, so I snapped the detailing, but I'm sure that soon enough you will see this dress in an outfit post! I just had a look at the Motel Rocks website and their selection of party dresses is just AH-MAZING, make sure you check them out ;-) Don't forget that you can get 20% off full priced items with the discount code kristianav. The Gabby dress is one that Motel has been doing for ages, in all kinds of colors and textures (mostly sequined), and with its amazing bodycon shape and long sleeves, to me it really is the perfect party dress! My second choice at the party was the same dress but in burgundy, which is a color I've been obsessing about for years now. The third choice was this burgundy sequined kimono/blazer, which is such a great statement item.  ♥


Do you remember my post from Radiator PR press day where I saw those Lulu Guinness watches? After that my love for the brand only grew - their lip clutches have been on top of my wish-list for a while now, but at £245 they are quite pricey for a clutch bag. I have, however, also been looking into their luggage and wow, it's amazing! My luggage is black and boring, when I'm at airports I always see people with all these amazing suitcases and feel rather jealous, haha. It's really not a big deal - a suitcase is a suitcase and if it lets you travel aboard then there should be no problem! But being the girly girl that I am, I kind of wish I had a bright Lulu Guinness suitcase, such as the ones above. Which color do you prefer? I also found some nice cheap Brics suitcases at Direct Luggage, however I would most definitely go for the pink Lulu Guinness one!
It's definitely something I'm thinking of saving up for as they are quite pricey, but it would be something that I'll keep for years! ♥

Monday, December 9, 2013


Oh ASOS, my ultimate love affair... As you might have guessed, these two beauties are currently on their way to my place. I did mention a few posts below that I was planning to order the black version of the velvet bag too, and when the 20% discount (including sale items) came during the weekend, I figured it was an appropriate time, as usually I would only get a 10% student discount on ASOS. I wasn't too sure about the booties at first, because usually I would prefer boots that go a little bit above the ankle however I loved the way these were styled on their website and they were on sale for £18, not bad at all! I really needed some party shoes for those winter nights, when pumps and sandal heels are definitely not an option. Once this order arrives, I think it's safe to say that my New Year's party accessories will be sorted, no matter what dress I end up wearing because black is simply classic. You know what they say - I will only stop wearing black when they invent a darker color ;-)

Links for both items: boots - bag

PS. Speaking of ASOS, they featured my outfit on their Facebook page today! 

Sunday, December 8, 2013


While the UK does look quite Autumn-like during the last few months, it definitely is getting colder - I was freezing like never before in these photos. Can you tell? I don't even know how I managed a smile, haha. As soon as I was happy with the results, my coat was back on and I ran back into the university library! As I'm sure I've already previously mentioned, when talking about my university outfits, I do always like to keep it simple and comfortable. Usually I have very little time to get ready so I prefer tried and tested outfit variations! I recently got these Levi's shorts from Harper & Lewis Vintage, they have their own webshop, as well as their space on ASOS Marketplace! Levi's vintage shorts is only one of the things they sell, you can also find lots of aviator jackets, etc. I got these shorts in size UK10 which was the smallest in the pair that I really wanted, but as you can see they fit me fine, just a tad oversized giving it a more laid back look.
This weekend has flown by quite fast and the funny thing is that I've done nothing productive, if you exclude some blog things, ha. Yesterday I started watching American Horror Story (thanks to the commenter on my Perfect Body post who mentioned Evan Peters!) and geeeeez, what a weird show, right?! Half of the time you're just wondering what the hell is going on, how and why. But it's definitely addicting!

Outfit details

Blouse - Zara
Blazer - Zara
Belt - c/o Romwe (old)
Earrings - Accessorize
Shorts - Levi's c/o Harper & Lewis Vintage
Bag - Zara

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