Monday, January 13, 2014


Hey there! Sorry for the little silence here through the last few days. They were a mix of everything good and bad but unfortunately didn't leave me much time to update my blog. Basically on Friday night I went out until the early hours and it was quite a weird night as it was the last one in Luxembourg for quite a while. Then on Saturday I was packing and on Sunday I had to fly to the UK. Sunday was REALLY not a great day for me, to be honest. The morning started by finding out my main teacher of last year from high school was killed in a tragic accident by some idiot who was running red lights and only got his licence 3 months ago. Then just before my flight I got an e-mail about one of my placement applications where I had not been successful. Following that, the flight was delayed, journey home was exhausting and when I came back I knew I could only relax one more evening as I have my exams approaching. I am now back in the UK and after having spent half of the day in the library I already feel tired, even though I normally spend up to 10-12 hours there. Tomorrow I will start the morning with a pilates class (first time ever) and then hopefully stay in the library longer than today. Meanwhile, for those of you who don't use Instagram, I thought I could show you what I've been up to lately. If you want to follow me, my username is @kristianav.
1. This morning before the library, trying out one of my new Bobbi Brown lipsticks 2. Awesome make up from Bobbi Brown, a brand that I've been meaning to try for ages! 3. My friend Kate took some photos of me just before the New Year for a school project.

1. Lots of above knuckle rings from Brandy Melville 2. I can't live a single day without fruit and LOTS of it! 3. Trying my mum's NAKED palette, definitely need to get myself 1 of those. Or 2. Or all 3.

1. A while back at the Red or Dead blogger breakfast @ The Breakfast Club, London. Definitely a place I'll go back to! 2. Just before Christmas me and Kaori sent a care package to our favorite PR ladies at EtailPR, seeing as we have worked with them so many times! 3. Selfie before going to Luxembourg for Christmas! 
1. At the London Stylight event with Kayla, Amy and Kavita. 2. Love this Barry M gold nail polish! 3. Trying on these amazing Zara heels, couldn't make my mind up then and am still confused as to whether I should get them or not!

1. Throwback to a few years ago when I was like 17 or something. 2. Playing with a wig my group used for our video commercial assignment. 3. At Camera club in Oxford with my girl Amalie!

1. My outfit for flying to Luxembourg yesterday. 2. All green breakfast ♥ 3. The night before flying to Luxembourg Rosie persuaded me to go out - we ended up sitting on the ground eating a big box of fried potatoes, hehe! 


  1. Aw sorry to hear about your bad day :(

    Hopefully your days will be better from now on...and I am so jealous of your Bobbi Brown make up!

    Good luck with your exams! xx I have a presentation on Wednesday :/

  2. Wow your life seems very full of life :) If that made any sense ahah

  3. Blue hair looks nice on you!

  4. nice blue hair image you have there? is that you??

  5. and..not to forget the fries from last pic looks water mouthful...:)