Sunday, January 5, 2014


Blogging at 2:30 AM, not something I do often at all! It made me think back to the days when I started blogging - that was almost 5 years ago when blogging was not very big. I didn't really understand how to make a blog look professional and easy to read. But heck, I was blogging about pizza and Pretty Little Liars, so perhaps a professional layout was not the priority. I started thinking of ideas to spice up my design a bit as well, and now, 3 hours later, I think it's safe to say that I'm exhausted and going to bed. I'm rather pleased with the result so far - I've also used an image in my header for the first time in ages. This one is by my amazing friend Tina (Christine Xuan), who has an exciting project of her own coming up very soon. But shhh. ;-)

After writing all this text, I almost forgot why I'm posting this now, in the middle of the night, instead of going to sleep, like a normal person should after the long day that I've had. I wanted to let you know that I will be working more on my sidebar as it's quite messy at the given moment. My sidebar is, in fact, one part of my blog I'm never fully pleased about - it's either too colorful, or the text doesn't stand out, etc. So hopefully I'll be able to fix that part tomorrow! For now, I hope you like the new look :)

After trying to find some nice photos for this post from my archives, I realized that this year I haven't been very active with my camera, at all! Probably the fact that my external hard drive broke during the summer and made me lose photos for god knows how many posts doesn't help either. I did mention that I am not one for New Years resolutions but this is one thing I will try to improve on this year!

Okay, if you have actually got this far with the this text, then you're amazing! I never actually know how many people come for the whole post and how many only come for the pictures. Goodnight ♥

PS. Random fact: last week this blog reached 2 million page views during its lifespan, crazy isn't it?


  1. 2 MILLION. That's awesome! I read the whole thing btw :)

  2. 2 million? Wow. But your blog is just awesome :)
    Are where really people that come only for the photos? I really enjoy reading long(er) text.
    I think that makes the blog more personal than just tons of photos.

  3. Lovely outfit...:-)..looking amazing on you dear...:-) <3

  4. 2 million is amazing !
    & I totally understand that you're not fully happy with your blog lay-out, neither am I !
    I'm going to work on it after my finals :)
    xoxo Lyn

  5. Anon - aww, so sweet haha!! Trust me, I will do it as soon as he tells me it's ready to publish hehe :)))

    1. Ahhhh i'm so sorry anonymous person, i deleted your comment accidentally while trying to edit mine :(( #fail

  6. Hey, been following you since (nearly) the beginning of your blog!Never commented tho. I've always loved your style, but to be quite honest (dont't get me wrong, not trying to be rude in any way) I really used to think you dressed too "little" (i'm from russia, could speak russian and guess you'd understand but I've gotta improve my english, so there ahha, i'm into it, like a boss!), I mean I used to think your dresses and stuff used to be a little too short for my taste, but you've always seemed like a really, REALLY nice person and that's why I've continued following you, love your little texts and life-bits here and there.. But now, OMFG KRISTIANA (Can I call you Kristiana? Ahaha WIERD) YOURE PERFECT! Even more beautiful and soooo classy. Seriously, you're such a beaut.. And keep writing about your life, that's what so fun about your blog, we actually feel like following A REAL person and not just a blogger-who-shows-us-her-nice-clothes-because-thats-lovely, yaknow.

    Heh, think i'm over this comment now, just wanted to let you know my thoughts about your blogger-adventure (if that makes sense, how bad am I in expressing myself in another language haha), have a nice day beauty!
    Anatasia X

    1. Yay, always fun when an older follower finally comments! :) Your english is good, haha! I don't speak a single russian word though (: I'm glad you continued following me even though you weren't the biggest fan of my style, haha.
      Thank you so much for your compliments, comments like this seriously make me wanna blog so much more !!! <3 All the best! xx