Saturday, January 25, 2014


During these exam weeks, one can't deny that a little shopping will cheer you up a long way. Even if this shopping is done from the library, from the same desk that you've been sat for the last 8 hours. With their 20% off for students offer and whatnot, ASOS has definitely been a favorite of mine lately. From ASOS I ordered Tangle Teezer in black, however they have some other colors too, as well as the Seche Vite Top Coat, which is the best beauty item in my WHOLE collection, hands down.

One of my best purchases of the year (or the last 3 weeks...) is this Blue Fluffy Cocoon Coat from ASOS. It really fits like a dream and is so beautiful! I thought it would be a nice change of color as pretty much every single girl in the UK has that fluffy pink coat, which I too have considered buying but glad I didn't! If you are interested though, this coat is also available in pink for the same price and gray for a lot cheaper. The gray one is wonderful too!
Sunglasses is always something that I somehow lack and recently the days have been sunny (but cold), and because I have blue eyes, they let in so much light that I find it difficult to be outside during sunny periods, it's really annoying. Then again, I couldn't really find any sunglasses that I liked, regardless if they were designer or high street. I'm glad that I finally stumbled upon these ASOS Cay Eye sunglasses! You will see both items in an outfit post very soon.

Here's an overly edited Instagram photo of my purchases. While we're on the topic of ASOS, I wanted to mention that I'm now an ASOS Insider, part of Access All ASOS - how cool?! This means visits to their HQ in London, invites to amazing events, freebies, discounts, preview of collections etc.


  1. super post:)) x

  2. That coat looks wonderful - I've been lusting after one very similar!
    Totally know the feeling over how some retail therapy makes exam season just that little bit brighter, plus 20% student discount at ASOS? It would be rude not to, right?!

    Amy at The Girl In The Bowler Hat

  3. I love the glasses(!) and the coat. :D

    Glitter And Blush

  4. love that coat! i love the baby blue color! xx


  5. That is so awesome!! You are an ASOS insider.
    Would you like to follow each other?

    Defining Me

  6. The Asos coat is pure love :D

  7. I LOVE the coat! great buys girl! xx