Saturday, January 4, 2014


Whenever I come to visit my family in Luxembourg, one of the main places that I usually want to go to is Sushi Shop. I miss this restaurant so badly when in the UK, so I was super happy when me and Kaori decided to go there today. Obviously, the sushi was so good that we only remembered to take photos once it was all gone. I had also treated myself to some rose petal Laduree macaroons today, which is a tradition of mine whenever I'm not feeling too well. The rose petal flavor is my all-time favorite and I always (!!!) only get that one. I wore my new Zara cropped top which is super simple, with slight bell sleeves and a zip around the neckline - you are certainly going to see more of this soon! ♥


  1. I LOVE sushi! There is an all you can eat sushi place that I love to go to and I just have to be careful haha and the rose macaron sounds really good :)

  2. Haha that's how you know it was good! Love the accessories really. :)