Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Yet another post with my latest goodies! Materialistic things do make you feel great, if only for a short while, but still. The first thing I wanted to show you were these ankle boots by Faith that the lovely Emma from Style Chi sent me. Style Chi is an online webstore that offers items from brands like River Island, Wildfox, Cheap Monday and more. The point of the site is that you sign up and earn points by liking/sharing the various items. The more you like/share, the lower will the prices get! It's also great that just by signing up you already get a massive discount. For example, originally these shoes were £65 but after signing up and earning lots of points they would now retail to me for around £44. Once you add the item to your shopping bag, the price goes down even more, yet again. The points stay there permanently..think of it as a "level" that you have reached. This is definitely a website that I will be using in the future because it really is a lot cheaper and I wholeheartedly recommend it!
A while back I decided to start looking into fashion & beauty books. I spent almost half of my teenage life reading books but during the last few years I never found the time to read for leisure anymore. I'm eager to get back into the habit, but this time I decided to avoid the detective or mystery books but rather read some easy reads, such as beauty or blog tips. This book by Lauren Conrad was long on my radar so I decided to finally get it. Not the biggest Victoria's Secret customer here, but I also couldn't resist the smell of this Pure Seduction body cream! The silver Necklace is from Bershka and retails at about £20, whereas the other necklace comes from Zara and I got it for £30. Those who travel back and forth from UK to other countries, I would suggest you buy it in Euros as when I went to Luxembourg I saw it retailing for 30EUR.. Kind of ruins it, ha. Anyway, the necklace is absolutely amazing and I've been wearing it almost daily! 

Do you like these kind of posts? I will try to be back with outfit posts ASAP! 


  1. Beautiful post I love these types as its refreshing! Really like the boots and the leaf necklace so pretty x
    Damaris £100 Lingerie Giveaway! X

  2. I've heard do much about that book! Is it good? I only read Bobbi Browns makeup manual and I might review it on my blog these days :)

  3. this website sounds like a really cool site! and i know how you feel about the prices, i moved to Scandinavia and i almost never buy things here as it just not worth it!

  4. Wow...gorgeous jewellery...:-)

  5. Fantastic post and beautiful necklaces. x

  6. The boots and necklaces are so pretty! x

  7. I love that Zara necklace ! It's so perfect--the jewels and the pastel colors make it so perfect for the trend right now!
    Great post and I'm so happy that I found your blog--your taste is fantastic!
    Cant' wait to see more, Kristiana! :)

    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ Creme de la Chic ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

  8. Love both of the necklaces, especially the one from Bershka :D X


  9. Love the necklaces, especially the Zara one. Thanks for stopping by our page and showing some love!

    xo Peak 25