Saturday, February 1, 2014


Hey blog! I'm back, after some of the most stressful and tiring weeks of my life. I finished my last exam yesterday and then had a lovely dinner and few drinks too many with the Luxembourg girls in London.  Waking up to my housemate's 8AM alarm clock (even though he's gone on holiday) was not the best start of this weekend, however getting packages with the sweaters above definitely made it better! Soon enough you will see these sweaters in action, not just displayed on my bed. You can see more photos of the ASOS sweaters here and here. The pink fluffy Love sweater is the softest thing ever!
You probably remember from my Wishlist a while back that I really wanted the Naked 3 palette. It was sold out EVERYWHERE until I found it on the Debenham's online website. So far I really like it, however I have always felt like I'm more of a gold eyeshadow girl, rather than pink (like this palette), so we'll see.

Finally my Access All ASOS welcome gift came some days ago too! I was surprised at how well they had picked out my gifts as I really do love fine rings more than anything. The nude lipstick by Barry M is something I wanted for a while but never wrote anywhere (did they just read my mind...?), so that was a great surprise too. It is the perfect shade, just enough to give the desired effect but not dark enough for it to look like you're wearing lots of make-up. ♥


  1. I always thought I was a more bronze-gold girl for eyeshadows but my mind has changed since getting the naked 3!xx

  2. super post:)) x

  3. those sweaters look really lovely! :) xx

  4. Hello lovely! Great to see that you are well, and I absolutely love fine rings as well! So classy and simple! Hope to hear from you again soon darling! Sending love, <3

    Have a lovely sunday,

    Boonya -

  5. Ah you lucky thing, you got such great bits! :)
    Spider Leg Lashes xo