Thursday, March 20, 2014


I've just finished my law exam and it seems that all the hard work I did during the last weeks paid off - so I feel pretty great now, even though I've still got lots of things to do. I'm also slowly trying to get back into more regular blogging, so today I wanted to show you some favorites of mine from Chi Chi (click). They are a brand that I've worked with multiple times and never disappoint with their selection of party dresses! Even though they might not be every day material (imagine going to Uni in one of these, ha) I find it quite handy to have a couple of nice and special dresses in my wardrobe for last minute closet disasters when going to a special event. You got no clue how many times I've been saved! :D Below you can also see the outfits I have done in collaboration with Chi Chi - which one's your favorite? :) I can't decide between the second and third one!

Kristiana Vasarina

While we are on the topic of online shopping, I know that a lot of my readers are quite young or simply don't have a lot of experience with shopping online. Many are also hesitant due to safety issues or factors such as intangibility (I basically did a whole project on this in my retail degree). I'm actually one of those people who buy almost EVERYTHING online, because I don't have much time to go to town and look for stuff. Almost all of my books, beauty products, stationary and clothes come from online shopping, so I guess you could say I know a thing or two :) Therefore I thought I could give you some advice from my personal experience on how to shop online safely and get the best deals:
  • If you think an online shop looks probably is. I would personally exit the shop as soon as I think it's a little bit fishy. Bad layout, poor grammar, lack of proper shipping info all scream warning signs to me! However if you really DO want that item from this possibly dodgy shop, I would strongly suggest having a little google browse through customer reviews. I would also strongly suggest you do not even go near Asian wholesale online retailers, as I advised in this post a while back. 
  • Connect your bank account with paypal. Most online shops have the option to pay by paypal, which is very convenient (you simply login to your account and confirm the transaction) and also a lot safer. Paypal specifically pride themselves in finding fraud and making your life easier.
  • When it comes to Ebay or Amazon, always look at customer ratings. Personally I have only used ebay like 3 times in my life but I'm a frequent user of Amazon - just last week I bought OPI nail polish and a hair oil from there. Amazon have their own, main shop which is always safe AND you get Free Super Saver Delivery if your order is £10 or above (£25 for Luxembourg and other countries outside UK), which is a nice bonus. 
I should probably go now as I've got a Business Law tutorial to get to, but I found this animated resource for staying safe online, which explains everything nicely! ♥


  1. Love the dresses you picked !

  2. Love this!! You have such a classy style!!

  3. You look hippie or retro in the pink dress :D Really love it!!!!!!!!