Saturday, March 22, 2014


H&M has always been one of those stores that I just wasn't sure about - I think it's only because of the fact that EVERYONE in Luxembourg shops there. Once I moved to the UK, I realized that the H&M I knew in Luxembourg was nothing compared to what it is elsewhere! In Luxembourg they only sell quite conservative things and the designer collabs rarely reach our shelves there, whereas in the UK you can get all H&M collections, all designer collaborations and more. All this has made me change my mind about the store, and now I absolutely love it - mostly the "special" pieces though!
As you probably know I had a great experience in the H&M Latvia showroom last summer, so I was really curious to see how it will be in the UK showroom. I spent the evening in the amazing and fun company of Edita, Georgina, Sandra and Emma - all super lovely ladies ♥ We watched the live streaming of the H&M Studio collection from Paris Fashion Week, took advantage of the nibbles and drinks and even got ourselves illustrated!
I would talk about the collection but because this post is almost a month late, I'm sure you all know everything about it. I'm definitely getting my hands on a pair of their knee high boots!


Meanwhile I wanted to show you some of my favorites from the H&M Conscious Exclusive collection that hits stores 10th April. As soon as I saw the press images and the campaign shots of Amber Valetta, I knew that I had fallen head over heels in love with this collection. Which are your favorite pieces? ♥


  1. Ahh looks like so much fun!


  2. Seems like a nice party !

  3. Love H&M! Not always thrilled with the material they use for their clothes but some stuff are nice!

  4. Ugh not a fan of H&M... Always had bad experiences with this store.. Like with the clothes material and sizes... Prices are insane here in Canada.. O.o Maybe I'm just cheap haha

  5. Are they conscious of the slave labor sweat shops they use?

  6. You really look more mature!

  7. Omg, those shoes are to die for. Such a statement piece, which I desperatly need. The bag too is perfect :) Need to get my hand on those two pieces! :D

  8. I love H&M and all the designer collaborations they do!
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