Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Me with May (who takes a lot of my outfit photos!)
Summer memories in Latvia - feeling kind of nostalgic because it seems I won't be able to go to Latvia this summer if I get a placement! 
A couple of months ago when Rosie pulled me out after a tiring Zumba session
Chilling with the lovely ladies at AX Paris party
When I visited Amalie in Oxford and we went to a club called Camera
Lovely company at the H&M Showroom a couple of weeks ago, before screening the Paris show live! Also met one of my all time favorite bloggers Sandra (5 Inch and Up)
Unpublished photo of me by May
At Lookagain & Swimwear365 coctail making class a couple of weeks ago! 

Hey there! You might have noticed that the update lately is quite slow. As mentioned in my last post, I am incredibly busy but I will still try to keep updating my blog whenever I can. For now, I thought I might give you a bit of insight into my personal life - something I don't post here very much anymore. So these are just photos that I took from my archives or Facebook, most are recent but there are a couple that are way older. 
Even though I am so incredibly busy and it seems like soon stress will get the best of me, I am incredibly happy almost every day and it feels great because I don't actually remember the last time I felt this way :) I better get back to studying for my Law exam and applying for placements but I will definitely talk to you soon! Meanwhile have this song, which I am currently addicted to ;-) 


  1. Can you tell me where you bought your black hat in the first picture, please? Been looking for one since American Horror Story: Coven :D

  2. Ahhh dont apologise, everyone will still be here :) hope its all going well for you xx