Sunday, April 27, 2014


Latvia fashion blog Luxembourg blogger UK fashion blogger ZARA necklace Milan outfit fashion blog Kristiana Vasarina Luxembourg fashion blog Zara sandal heels G'morning everyone. Here, finally, is my last outfit post from Milan - exactly one week ago today. The above photos were taken by my little brother (who wanted to be on the blog too, hence the last photo) at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, which was absolutely stunning on the inside. We took my outfit photos there and then way too many tourist photos too.

I feel like we can all make two conclusions based on the above photos. First, my love for ZARA is getting out of control and second, well, I guess we can all see which I think is my good side. My "good side" usually depends on the parting of my hair. Speaking of hair, I've been thinking about going for the chop for as long as I can remember...

Again, this was one of those days where most other people stared at my bare legs in the streets, but this time it was around 20 degrees out and very warm! In my opinion, 20 degrees sets the bar for bare legs (although we all do it at 15 degrees, let's be honest). I was very happy to enjoy the sun and warmth for one day, haha.

I decided to go for a more classy look but I didn't want it to look too serious so I wore my printed ZARA shorts, which are an absolute dream! The material is so nice and I love the way you can tie them, making them more structured. I also wore my new lovely T-shirt from In Love With Fashion, which is very classy with its pleat back. You will definitely be seeing more detailed photos of this in the near future!

I will now finish my freshly pressed orange juice and croissants, get ready and drive to the cinema with my brother. Have a great Sunday, everyone! ♥

Outfit details

Necklace & shorts & blazer & heels - ZARA
Blouse - In Love With Fashion (here)
Bag - La Moda
Sunglasses - ASOS


  1. I love the look so much ! So chic and casual ! The shorts are gorgeous !

  2. I really like you outfit, your short is amazing ! :)

  3. beautiful!

  4. Nice:)) x