Monday, April 7, 2014


What's in my bag Michael Kors wallet Believe it or not, but during these 5 years of blogging I have never done a "What's in my bag" post. I recently got this Michael Kors Striped Saffiano Wallet from Harrods, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to finally do this. I've been wearing my new La Moda bag constantly during these last few weeks and, surprisingly, quite a lot fits inside it! I usually carry my Filofax organizer everywhere I go, it really keeps me motivated to keep my days structured (especially in writing). When I don't bring my organizer, I tend to keep notes in my phone, but later write them down anyway. Lately I've been using this ASOS Metallic Phone Case, which is in lovely rose gold. I don't really tend to carry around much beauty items to do touch-ups during the day (how can anyone bother, actually?!), but I ALWAYS bring my Carmex, Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm, Bobbi Brown Hot Raspberry Sheer Lip Color and Barry M nude lipstick. When I want to go for a nude look, I use Carmex and Barry M, and when I want my lip to pop a bit, I use the pink lip balm with the pink lipstick :) I recently got this Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Souffle Body Creme in sample size from my Birchbox, and funnily enough, even though I never liked the smell of Vanilla beauty products, this one is absolutely amazing, so it has become an addition to my daily bag. Finally, as I mentioned in my Ray Ban giveaway, I received these Ray Ban Cats 1000 in Gloss Black from Sunglasses Shop. A review can be expected :-) 


  1. Whats In My Bag posts are always one of my favourite - I love how everything in yours seems to co-ordinate with each other, haha. And that Michael Kors wallet is seriously lovely!

    Amy at The Girl In The Bowler Hat

  2. I can't get over how pretty your wallet is *.*

  3. Your bag is so much nicer and organised than mine! Need to put some order in there !
    Lovely blog post !

  4. I love this post! I'm currently browsing some of your other posts too. I love the way you take your photos <3 :)