Saturday, May 24, 2014


During these last few days, I have fallen head over heels in love with the Missguided summer items. One of my favorite swedish bloggers once said that Missguided is like Nastygal, but with a fraction of the price, and I couldn't agree more. As a university student, the low prices are exceptionally appealing! The items are quirky and all add something special to your look - I am especially loving the co-ords and the tropical prints (feeling like a typical blogger now, oops). I picked out a few of my favorite items (try 16...) and a few of these have just arrived to my wardrobe. Any guesses? After creating the collages and reflecting carefully (*ehm*), I might need to add a few extra items to my collection. All pictures are clickable and lead you to the product, by the way!

I spend a lot of time exploring online stores, not just to see what is new and what I could potentially order, but also obviously because I study retail at University and hope to get into e-commerce, so this is all in the name of research. Excuses, excuses..right? But there is some truth in that, I promise! :) Anyway, I'm happy to do more collages like this if that is something you guys might be interested in. Let me know! ♥

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  1. fab~

  2. i really have to check out missguided soon as i haven't visited their store in a very long time :) seems that they have some really cute stuff out now :)