Thursday, June 26, 2014


Frank Coffee Scrub blogger
I thought that I should take a step back from the usual outfit posts for once and share with you some of my recent (and few all-time) favorites when it comes to beauty products and accessories. I have many many more products but I chose the ones I use on an almost daily basis during the last month. Below I've added more detailed descriptions with all the relevant links, so here we go! & Other Stories necklace
This stone pendant necklace from & Other Stories was love at first sight and I've been wearing it almost every day for the past month or so. The same happened when I saw these ASOS bullet earrings! I am really not a jewelry person and I don't have a specific taste in jewelry, however when I do find something I like, I tend to wear it for ages.
Topshop glow stick
If you have a careful eye for detail, you will have noticed that my nails are ALWAYS painted. I used to bite them when I was younger and it has definitely become a weak spot for me - I almost feel insecure if I don't think that they look perfectly painted. Barry M is one of my favorite nail polish brands out there - not only does it last for ages, but it's very cheap too. I always go for the Gelly Hi Shine range - this time it is in the color Blueberry. I got my Soigné in Creme Au Beurre nail polish from Birchbox some time ago and the color that I've got makes a very classy finish, plus it's great for the days that you want your nails to stay calm and neutral colored. By the way, I've been getting monthly deliveries from Birchbox since December, I couldn't recommend it more! The third product is the Topshop Glow Stick, which I only got a week ago, but have been using it daily as I love it! After I met Becca Rose at some events, I checked out her 3 Minute Make-up Challenge video and she used this product, which made me eager to try it too.
Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid
These Topshop chunky oversized sunglasses are probably my favorite sunnies of all time and I wear them every single day. They keep going out of stock, but then getting re-stocked, so I'd suggest you keep checking every now and then! Onto one of my ALL time favorite products EVER..I literally cannot stop talking about this, but it's the frank coffee body scrub and if you haven't tried it, you are missing out. Not only does it tackle all kinds of skin conditions, it also moisturizes your skin and smells great. It literally feels like you are scrubbing your whole body with coffee. A little definitely goes a long way (I usually take 1-2 handfuls 2-3 times per week and I've been using this for a month and it's not even halfway done). The product comes from Australia but it's really not that hard to get it to the UK or Europe. I probably paid around $20 (14 EUR/11 GPB) for the scrub and shipping together, and it turned up in less than 7 days. I seriously cannot recommend it more! They recently released a new cacao scrub, which I'm dying to try as soon as I finish my orange one. Now onto the last product, which is the Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid. I have never been big on fake tan, but I got this sample sized one in a goodie bag from somewhere and I absolutely fell in love! It came with a tanning mitt so I sprayed the tan onto the mitt and rubbed it all over my legs. The finish was very even, the color looked natural and there were no streaks whatsoever. It also has a lovely coconut smell! Usually the product costs above £20 but I found you guys a link on Amazon where it's half the price. I would not recommend this for your face, but it's my go-to product for the body.

Hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully I've given you some good tips! ♥

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Luxembourg fashion blog Kristiana Vasarina Dorothy Perkins blogger Cami strap maxi dress Dorothy Perkins maxi dress Maxi dress blogger
A very overdue post, indeed, and while Pages By Megan's #DPDressSelfie post served you as a reminder, let this post be the very late reminder. Dorothy Perkins are currently hosting a competition (more info here) where you can win a dress every month for a whole year - sounds amazing, right? All you need to do is Tweet or Instagram a photo of yourself wearing a Dorothy Perkins dress, and make sure you hashtag #DPDressSelfie to be in the competition. If you have done so already, you can "claim" your photo here on the live gallery.

My Dorothy Perkins dress is an absolute dream! It falls and stands in all the right places and the cami straps make for a very delicate look. I have a big obsession with maxi dresses that have side splits (see another post here), so this one stood out immediately to me. You can get it here.

Outfit details

Nail polish - Barry M 
Necklace - Rings and Tings

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Triangl Milly bikini review Triangl bikini review Triangl Milly bikini box Triangl Milly bikini blue Triangl Milly Santa Rosa Splash bikiniOn a very gloomy day, a few weeks back, I was pleasantly surprised by an e-mail from the Triangl girls, who had seen my Instagram and wanted to send me a bikini. Triangl is definitely the bikini royalty in the blogosphere and on the internet in general, so I jumped at the chance and picked the Milly Santa Rosa Splash bikini in pastel blue. I've been getting a lot of questions regarding the sizing and the bikini in general, so I thought I could do a post on it.

It took me ages to decide on which size I should go for, as I'm usually good for both XS and S, however it is a neoprene bikini, meaning that there is very little stretch. I consulted the live help on the Triangl website and they were really kind and forthcoming with helping me out. I went for an S bikini bottom which fits me perfectly. They always tell you to size up for the Triangl bikini bottoms for the limited stretch, however I took the size I would normally have gone for.

I was really unsure about the bikini top sizing, because the Milly bikini is rather new (I think), so there weren't too many reviews that talked about the size. Based on a recent store fitting I'm a 32B, so the Triangl live chat girl suggested me to go for an XS, however once the bikini arrived, I realised I should have gone for an S. It's not way too small, however it would definitely have been more comfortable with an S. If you are inbetween two sizes for the top, I would suggest for you to take the bigger one!

The bikini itself is of very high quality (hence the price), and it seems like every little detail has been thought of. The bra straps are an incredibly soft elastic material, even the inside labels are made very soft, so all in all the bikini is very skin friendly. I did, at first, feel weirded out by the neoprene material, however it is something you easily get used to. All in all, I am incredibly happy with the bikini and would love to get it in other colors too. The only downside of the Milly is that you don't get a bikini bag, like most of the other Triangl bikinis do. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Luxembourg fashion blogger Kristiana Vasarina Kristiana Vasarina Michael Kors Phone Wallet Python
Last Friday night me and my house went out for dinner at TGIF, and I only had about 15 minutes to get ready so this is what I threw together. Funny, how the rest of the house ended up being so late that I even had time to shoot some photos in our garden with my housemate Tom.

I decided to go for a very simple outfit, which is what I usually do in last-minute situations, but therefore try to compensate with accessories or make-up. I've been wearing this & Other Stories tank top almost daily now - it's the most comfortable top ever and works with absolutely everything! I almost gave up on these Vagabond boots, I even put them for sale on my depop, but as soon as it got warm out, I realized why I got them in the first place. I love them with bare legs, hate them with jeans and tights; lo and behold, I removed them from my depop and have been wearing the boots multiple times per week. My main footwear issue is that I despise wearing ballet flats, or most types of flats in general (I try to avoid it as much as possible), so I love finding a good pair of ankle boots that saves the day.

This could be a good opportunity to mention some personal news too. As you probably know, my update sucked for about two weeks straight, but that was simply because the University and placement search got the better of me. Last week I went to yet another interview (well, 4th one but felt like the 163rd) and I finally got an industrial placement sorted for next year! I will part of the House of Fraser retail team, which is perfect for me as a business and retail student. I'm especially hoping for staff discounts as there are quite a few things I love ;-))). That very same day I luckily also got my accommodation sorted, and the house I'll be living in is pretty damn amazing. All this means that I can go back to Luxembourg as soon as I am done with my exams, and I will actually have a summer holiday! Up until this point my whole summer was uncertain and it was driving me nuts. Definitely a happy bunny. ♥

Outfit details

Skirt - H&M (similar)
Phone wallet - Michael Kors
Cardigan - Missguided
Sunglasses - Topshop
Lipstick - Rimmel Apocalips

Saturday, June 14, 2014


Swimwear365 spa day Swimwear265 blogger event Swimwear365 blogger The Good Spa guide
S. Oliver stripe bikini
Recently I was kindly invited by Swimwear365 to a day of relaxation at the Spa on Dolphin Square, which was recommended by The Good Spa Guide, based on their 5 star rating. The Spa on Dolphin Square is a Moroccan themed spa with fantastic interior, exotic aroma flowing around the air and relaxing music playing all throughout the day. Swimwear365 had sent each of us swimwear to wear on the day, and I chose this striped frill bikini from S. Oliver.

There were a lot of different rooms you could go to, such as the steam room or the room with hot beds. We were also booked in for the Hammam treatment, which involved two ladies vigorously scrubbing our bodies - that was definitely a funny experience and I actually felt like a new person after the treatment. We each got a massage too, and that was definitely something I looked forward to - there is nothing better than a great massage :)

After all the treatments we had amazing lunch at the Spa restaurant, and we were definitely glad we did not have to get back into our bikinis after all that food. Although the day started off stressfully (waking up at 6AM, missing the bus, realizing I forgot my bikini in Guildford, running to Victoria Station for replacement etc.), I walked out of the spa feeling happy and relaxed. Thanks to Swimwear365, iProspect and The Good Spa Guide for organizing this fun day! 

Friday, June 13, 2014


BOOHOO LILY V NECK RACER CROP TOP Grabble launch party Boohoo outfit blogger Andy Jordan Grabble Boohoo Kadie Porcelain skirt Boohoo Kadie Porcelain skirt Luxembourg fashion blogger White crop top blogger Andy Jordan Made in Chelsea A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to attend the Grabble party at The Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch to celebrate their website relaunch. After a disastrous 30 minute cab ride me, Becca, Arabella and Georgie finally arrived to what looked like a party from those American movies you would see and wonder if that kind of stuff actually happens in real life. People were playing beer pong in one room, food and drinks were served everywhere, the "living room" of the suite was busy with people sitting on couches and chatting - it's rather difficult to actually describe the atmosphere as it was, but it looked like one giant house party!

Grabble sure know how to have a good time - there were magicians, live performance by Andy Jordan (Made in Chelsea), a walking inflatable doll called Pandemonia. Just before the Grabble party, me and the girls were at River Island high summer press day and also the Boohoo Style for Stroke charity event. Boohoo were kind enough to dress me for their event, so I picked out the Lily V Neck Crop Top and Kadie Porcelain Midi Skirt. The outfit got me many compliments, even from a lady at Waterloo station, so thanks a lot Boohoo! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Kristiana Vasarina Luxembourg fashion blogger Maroon Zara shorts Luxembourg Zara shortsblogger Pauls Boutique Maisy
One of my favorite things about flying through Gatwick Airport is the duty free shopping, which I definitely take advantage of. As soon as I walked into the Zara and saw these shorts, it was love at first sight. I've never been much of a maroon person, but somehow they were so *me* that I simply couldn't walk past without picking them up. I wore this outfit to the blogger closet sale, which you can all read about just below. I needed something comfortable for the hot day, so this top from &Other Stories, low Zara heels and new shorts were perfect for it.

I also wore quite a big number of accessories which is highly unusual for me! The sunglasses and hat were there, in fact, to help me with my eye infection because I couldn't face the sun without getting dizzy, but I like the outcome. I also recently received the Maisy bag from Pauls Boutique, which has quickly become a favorite for its clean colors and structure. While it might have clashed a bit with this outfit, I simply couldn't wait to wear it and you will definitely be seeing more of this bag in future posts.

By the way, these chunky Topshop sunglasses are the best thing that has happened to me, in my sunglasses-life. I've been showing you links of similar sunglasses as these had gone out of stock, but they are finally available again so gogogo!

Outfit details

Shorts - Zara
Hat - Urban Outfitters (similar)
Heels - Zara (similar)
Sunglasses - Topshop
Necklace - & Other Stories 

Monday, June 9, 2014


Luxembourg blogger Luxembourg blogger closet sale Luxembourg fashion blog The LAB Luxembourg Luxembourg fashion blog Luxembourg fashion blog Luxembourg fashion blog Luxembourg fashion blog Luxembourg fashion blog
What do you do in Luxembourg on a hot Sunday with 30 degrees outside? Obviously, attend the Luxembourg blogger closet sale! And thanks to those who did come and bear the heat, it was great meeting you and mutually helping me empty my closet even just a little bit. You can see the things I was selling in the first two photos - I sold about 1/4 of my stuff which was better than I expected. If there is anything you like in those photos, feel free to drop me an e-mail to see if I've still got it.

We had plenty of bloggers selling their unworn items and there were green tea cakes, oreo cakes, even healthy fitness cakes. If you know me at all, you will know that this kind of stuff at events makes me incredibly happy and excited, so if I wasn't near my clothes rack, I was probably munching away or looking at the magic that was happening at Gabriella's make up station. During the day we got to enjoy fittingly refreshing drinks from The LAB, where the event was hosted. Also, thanks to Carmen for being a great blogger-closet-sale-buddy! Other bloggers that could be seen included Emilie, Anouk, Claude, Kaori & Tina, Sammie, Carmen, Emilie, Arifa and Anne-Sophie.

This was the first of our public events, but there will certainly come more, they will be bigger and better! :) ♥