Friday, June 13, 2014


BOOHOO LILY V NECK RACER CROP TOP Grabble launch party Boohoo outfit blogger Andy Jordan Grabble Boohoo Kadie Porcelain skirt Boohoo Kadie Porcelain skirt Luxembourg fashion blogger White crop top blogger Andy Jordan Made in Chelsea A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to attend the Grabble party at The Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch to celebrate their website relaunch. After a disastrous 30 minute cab ride me, Becca, Arabella and Georgie finally arrived to what looked like a party from those American movies you would see and wonder if that kind of stuff actually happens in real life. People were playing beer pong in one room, food and drinks were served everywhere, the "living room" of the suite was busy with people sitting on couches and chatting - it's rather difficult to actually describe the atmosphere as it was, but it looked like one giant house party!

Grabble sure know how to have a good time - there were magicians, live performance by Andy Jordan (Made in Chelsea), a walking inflatable doll called Pandemonia. Just before the Grabble party, me and the girls were at River Island high summer press day and also the Boohoo Style for Stroke charity event. Boohoo were kind enough to dress me for their event, so I picked out the Lily V Neck Crop Top and Kadie Porcelain Midi Skirt. The outfit got me many compliments, even from a lady at Waterloo station, so thanks a lot Boohoo! 


  1. Your outfit is gorgeous ! Love it !

  2. beautiful top!

  3. super post!:)) xx

  4. Hey sweetie!
    Your post is great and your outfit is just amazingly cute!
    Hopefully seeing you soon again!
    Have a nice weekend!

    xx Jennifer

  5. I was meant to be here but I was on holiday :( x

  6. Just seen this, thanks for the mention sweetie! Glad the pics I took came out okay <3 x