Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Motel bodycon stripe dress blogger Kristiana Vasarina Kristiana Vasarina Motel Debbie Off The Shoulder Bodycon Dress In Mixed Stripe Luxembourg fashion blogger Luxembourg fashion blogger Luxembourg fashion blog
After a crazy weekend at a local festival I am back again and finally getting my energy back too. It was an amazing 3 days and I saw a lot of great performances. The best show was undoubtedly given by The Hives - they really knew how to capture the audience and it was so fun. I also loved seeing Este Haim's bassface in action and Ellie Goulding's dance moves. Wiz Khalifa and Gentleman brought a different and more relaxed mood to the festival, which was really nice too. We did, however, cringe at Jared Leto's obvious self-involved tendencies. Then again, if I was the lead singer of a famous band and recently had won an oscar, I might be a little bit proud too. The weekend had no festival fashion appropriate weather, therefore I did not take too many photos.

Just as the postman came yesterday with this dress, I put it on and it was love at first sight! I love the mix of skinny and bold stripes, and the off-the-shoulder look is great for the summer. I got way too many looks in town though, which is kind of typical in Luxembourg - I wonder if they saw a ONE shoulder dress, would they actually faint?! Haha. Anyway, I absolutely love this Motel Debbie dress, I only wish I didn't constantly have to pull it down as it keeps riding up. After finishing this text, I will embark upon a research session to find out exactly how to stop tight dresses from riding up.

I guess the look is very typical to me, as I always tend to wear my leather jacket and Vagabond boots everywhere. I'm really not fond of girly looks, so I always feel the need to toughen it up just a little. Also, what do you think of my new hair? As I said in my Instagram post just below, last week I spontaneously cut it at home myself and absolutely love the result. Feels amazing to have gotten rid of so much dry hair and everything is so much easier now! The only downside is that now I am tempted to use the straightener every single day to put some shape into the hair, like in the photos above.

I love how 90% of the text has nothing to do with the post, but I somehow enjoy just writing random bits and bobs on my every day life. And before I forget, thanks to the two sweet girls who recognized me at Rock A Field - sorry if I was a bit awkward! That literally made my day :) ♥

Outfit details

Dress - Motel Rocks
Boots - Vagabond
Leather jacket - unknown but similar here
Lipstick - Bobbi Brown
Earrings - ASOS


  1. Your dress is amazing! I've never bought anything from Motel Rocks before but it's so up my street. I love how you've styled it also, keeping it classy with the black - pretty lipstick, also :)

    Meg xo
    Meg Says | Health & Beauty, UK

  2. I really liked the atmosphere when 30stm were playing.. BUT it can't really be that just one member of a three people band is there?! even if we are little Lux...that did disappoint me :/
    I was there the 3 days too but sadly I didn't see you.

    xx Claude

  3. You look perfect, this would be a perfect festival look in my opinion :)

  4. That dress looks stunning on you! Also, I love your haircut - it seems lighter and bouncier :D

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - fashion, beauty + lifestyle

  5. Jā, esmu saskārusies ar to problēmu ka šāda tipa kleitas ejot kļūs īsākas, nesen ejot pa lielveikalu mocījos ar šāda tipa svārkiem, not cool..
    Tā jau kleita ļoti skaista, gan plecu daļa, gan strīpiņas - un ļoti patīk kā kleita izskatās ar šiem zābakiem un ādas jaku!!!


  6. Very nice!:)) xx

  7. You look so gorgeous ! Love the dress and the hat !

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  8. awesome!

  9. I agree this dress is gorgeous. I have been interested with dress sleeves like those! Almost got a BCBG shirt with those :)