Tuesday, August 19, 2014


H&M Studio AW14

During my days in Latvia I had the pleasure of visiting the H&M showroom to have a preview of what we will soon see in the stores. In the interests of not overloading this blog with photos, I decided to only show you a selection of items, however I do suggest you have a look at my Facebook page as I uploaded a lot more photos, just like last year :)

All the items in my first photo, as well as the beaded dress in one of the last photos come from the H&M Studio AW14 collection, which I already had a look at in London and Luxembourg. After all this anticipation and previews, it will finally be released on the 4th of September! I definitely have my eye on a few of the items. The other items in this post are either from the usual H&M AW14 collection or the H&M Trend collection, and are already in stores, or will be very soon. In general, there was a mix of dark and edgy colors, as well as soft pinks and grays. The shoe game was strong and the detailing on some of the items definitely caught my eye.

I have to say that my 4 absolute favorite items were the pointed ankle boots, big leather bag and the zip ankle boots. Is there anything that caught your eye? ♥


  1. Oh some pieces are so beautiful *-*

    Saskia! xo

  2. Perfect all items. But my favourite is a boots♥ x

  3. amazing pieces...I like the shoes!

  4. Omg so many gorgeous pieces!! Love those boots and that pink fluffy jacket is amazing!

    CassandraMyee | NZ Beauty Blog

  5. Some pieces look really amazing!