Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Latvijas modes blogi Latvian blogger Luxembourg fashion blog Mango dress blogger Dress - Mango, Sunglasses - Topshop, Earrings - ASOS, Sliders - H&M (similar), Lipstick - Yves Rocher via Birchbox

While we were driving around the countryside and its nearby villages, we saw this old abandoned factory and its surroundings. Me and my mum, both having photography related interests, just had to stop the car for a little shoot.

I wore my favorite new dress from Mango, which I got in their sale recently. They also had the same one in black, however I preferred the printed version. It also had an attached belt, but I don't think the sales assistants liked me very much (I complained about them leaving the old currency on instead of Euros) so they left the alarm device on, which I only noticed at home so I had to cut it off, haha. Anyway, all that trouble was worth it, because the dress feels absolutely amazing on and is great for some mild summer days. The material is really loose and airy, but also quite warm, so I don't doubt that I will wear this with tights and some boots once it gets cold out.

Right now I only have 2 weeks until I start my placement (and thus the end of my summer holiday), which will be my first ever full time job. I've done some little things in the past and I also worked for a month at the Court of Justice a couple of years ago (amazing experience, do apply if you are interested!!!), but this will be the first time in my life where I will have a full-time, 12 month long responsibility, and the thought of that makes me really scared! I enjoy a certain level of freedom while being at University, but now that I will have a job my life will be different. I can imagine that I might not be able to attend blogging events in London as much (although I will do my best), however I will have a lot of spare time in the evenings so I definitely want to get more into cooking. I will also invest in some good kitchen equipment for smoothies and home-made soups, and will bring pack lunch to work as much as possible. Good thing that my new house is in town centre, so it will be a 10 minute walk to work each day!

Enough of chit-chat, and congrats if you've made it this far into the post. Thanks for reading! ♥


  1. Nice:) x

  2. Really cute look and love the shoes !


  3. I love the dress and the sunglasses. Mango is actually my favourite store and when they have sales, I just cannot help myslef, but to stop at the store :) Good luck with your new job!
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