Sunday, September 7, 2014


Today I'm giving away this Chi Chi Harriet dress in a size UK8 (size 36 / size Small). The material is quite stretchy, therefore it could also be worn by someone who is one size bigger. I simply haven't ever worn this dress and it even has all the original tags on, so I thought maybe someone else would benefit from it more than me. I decided to skip all the boring giveaway rules and make it really simple, as I really want one of my actual readers to win this, rather than a random person who saw the link on Twitter. I'll add a personal note and a little gift to the parcel too! The giveaway is international and I will cover all costs.

All you need to do for an entry is comment on this post with your e-mail address and how you would style the dress. I'd suggest writing your e-mail address in this form: youremail [at] (instead of , just to avoid lots of junk mail from people who copy-paste e-mail addresses.

As a thank you to Chi Chi, who sent me the dress, I would really appreciate if you clicked on their link and liked their Facebook page, but don't worry if you don't - as I said there are no rules :)

Let's give this one week - enjoy!

Giveaway has ended. 


  1. I would choose simple outfit: I will style her with nude heels and shiny silver clutch.:) This dress would be perfect for my prom :3
    My email : jurgitak96[at]
    Hope I'll be the lucky one :)

  2. This dress is amazing!

    I would wear it with -a black leather jacket, black pointed pumps and black accessories.
    -more chic with nude/pink pumps, a long blazer and nude/pink accessories.

    xx Elena

  3. Es laikam mēģinātu viņu padarīt ne tik svinīgu, lai var ģērbt ikdienā un pāri uzvilktu baltu boyfriend blazer un kādas kurpes uz zema papēža bēšīgā tonī.
    E-mail: nelle16 [at]

  4. This dress is so cute! Such a shame you haven't been wearing it but lucky for us haha :D

    Since I'm not much of a dress-girl, I would style it with a black leather jacket and maybe some Converse sneakers. I also like to dress up though, so I could definitely see myself wearing it with a pair of nude heels (like Christian Louboutin Pigalle og Jimmy Choo Anouk). I would style it with some silver accessories and a cute clutch :)

    e-mail: minela96 @

  5. Ah, cik skaista! Tik daudz outfitu uzreiz prātā, bet, ja jānorāda viens, tad tās būtu bēšas ar zelta krāsas akcentu vasaras zābaciņkurpes uz papēdīša ar bēšu 3/4 piedurkņu bleizerīti:)

  6. I love chichi I bought a couple of dresses from them, love the quality.
    for this dress I would wear red pumps,nude clutch and a white jacket...I think red will really make the outfit pop
    thank you

  7. This dress is gorgeous! I've no idea how I'd style it though :S I might try some baby blue accessories with it though as I reckon the colours may go together :)
    Megan x
    London Callings

  8. Hi! I think this giveaway is amazing. I would wear this dress with silver accessories and nude or black high heels. I would also save it for a special occasion to wear it because it is really fancy (my prom next year would be an awesome opportunity :D) xx
    melissamuj [at]

  9. Very cute! Not sure if it would fit since in pictures it's not always very clear, but I'd love to pair it with some simple black leggings and a black jacket for a somewhat everyday look.
    For something more formal maybe just white heels and a white short cotton sweather with a sparkly clutch.
    shantih (at) hotmail (dot) it

  10. I would choose pearl bracelet and nude high heels. Hair - wavy!
    Beauty lies in the simplicity :)
    E-mail: maliczanka [at]
    I would be very happy if I won this sweet dress!

  11. Hi Kristiana!

    Thanks for this giveaway first, the dress is very pretty :) I'd probably style it two ways: with black leather boots and jacket and maybe a long-rimmed hat for an edgy look or with a knitted sweater (use it as a skirt) and ballerinas for a cuter look!

    Here's my email adress : maurane.forriere[at]

    Wishing you the best,

  12. since i've been reading your blog for.. years, and it was kind of inspiration for me, i would get back a few years, because you had kinda 'rock' style. thats why i would wear that beautiful dress with, of course, black leather jacket (i think thats the most 'rocky' thing in my closet :D), golden necklace with feathers, black overknee socks! and black, lace-up, high wedges (rag & bone has awesome wedges!). I would also wear a claret clutch from my mom's closet :) i like blending sweet girl style with something more expressive. i know i blend it up with only black stuff, but hey, black is the best colour in the whole world!
    Pozdrowienia z Polski (Greetings from Poland) :)
    nataliakorzeniecka [at]

  13. I would wear it with a small black belt, some silver jewelry and some black boots. I like to mix different styles - like romantic and tough.
    Email: ungereit [at]

  14. i would style it with black leather jacket and black high heels, small black clutch. or with white jacket and nude ballerinas/high heels, silver/white clutch.

    email: vallbaum [at]

  15. So there's this super christmas party our boss has been bragging all about, at the office lately & this is where your dress would come into play. I'd wear it in combo with sexy high heels in addition to over the knee cable-knit, ruched top socks, adding an accent on my eyes through some thick doll eye lashes and to top it off, I'd have my hair made as straight as they come down reaching my waist. Also not to forget, my accessory would be a fluffy bunny handbag. This is how I'd kick it off wearing your beautiful dress. My email

  16. im obsessed! I would wear this with a cute white fake fur coat and a pair of tan pumps!!!

    thank you!!! xoxo

  17. Thank you for this amazing giveaway!
    I would style it with oversized grey coat (pink and grey are gorgeous together!), black cut out ankle boots with some cute white socks and small black over shoulder bag.
    It's interesting what you think about this variant:)
    Thanks again for the opportunity to win this piece!)

    My email: ledi_kedi (at) - welcome<3

  18. I would style with my pair of white wedge sandals from ASOS, a faux fur coat and a light colored cross body bag, keeping the make-up single with light pink lips and maybe have my hair in a bun on the back of my neck. Clean, simple silver jewelry :D

  19. Es šo kleitu vilktu uz savas māsas izlaidumu (zinu,ka vēl diezgan tālu šis notikums,bet tomēr :D).
    Šai kleitai pievilktu klāt vienkāršas nude augstpapēžu kurpes,lai nenovērstu uzmanību no kleitas,jo tas ir galvenais koptēla akcents. No rotām izvēlētos tikai nelielus sudraba auskarus un matus saskruļļotu.

    e-mail: anete114(at)

  20. This is such a pretty dress, I'd either dress it down with boots and a monochrome kimono jacket type thing or I'd wear some heels and go out in it with a clutch :D my email is beca.a [at] xxx

  21. Dear Kristiana,

    Such a lovely idea of yours ,especially as most of us are now starting our uni/highschool semester and have to go back to the routine and grind of the courses! You will be for sure making someone´s day!

    I would style it with simple,flat, black suede knee high or over the knee high boots (preferably knee high). I am obsessed over these and I am looking for the perfect pair. I do believe that they will be quite popular this season.I like mixing soft and feminine with taugh pieces so if i needed a jacket I would use my black leather one. Nude tights if it´s chilly. As for jewlerry I am a firm believer that less is more so I wouldnt wear anything more than those I wear every day ( my mum´s simple trinity ring and my boy´s gift of heart shaped necklace). I also sometimes like to put a tone of my south european charm (haha!) so if instead of the necklace I wanted earrings I would go for tiny golden or rose gold hoop earrings ( those that are just 4 cm in diametre or less) . However I wouldnt wear the earrings if i didnt wear the jacket for some reason I find the combination of a leather jacket and tiny hoop earrings rather interesting!It s one of these things that can look terribly wrong and cheap if they are of bad quality but quite flirty and hard/soft when of good taste!

    Thank you for your nice thought!


    ellie.papastamatiou at

  22. I would style it with some pretty shoes, but not black because it would kill the perfection of dress!

    I would style it with a pair of nude shoes !

  24. I would style it with a pink nude pumps and with a silver clutch!
    silviabia_33 (at)

  25. i would style it up with white kittem pumps, a cozy white cardigan and a whole lot of gold accessories! love the detailing on this dress

    thank you!

    my email: graceeseen(at)hotmail(dot)com

  26. I would wear it with a big fluffy light grey but short to the waist faux fur jacket, with a blue-green small shiny chanel flap bag. and finally light grey nude stiletto cut out booties. a straight and strict pony tail and electric blue nails to fit with the chanel bag.


  27. I would dress a black jacket, a pair of black sandals, a bag pink or black and a beautiful bracelet. The makeupwill be very simple .

  28. How to style it, hum? Well, I usually need some help with dresses since I don't have many: it's rare for me to be interested in them [This is a miracle wow D:]. Ahem. I have these really beige awesome heels that I think would fit and... A friend of mine just have me a similar color braided headband... Aaand then if my mom would accompany me to pierce my ears, I'd steal her beautiful tear-shaped earrings. Muuaaaahah. >:D

  29. With a black jacket and a black heels

  30. Loved the dress combines a lot with my romantic and feminine style, it is perfect for an afternoon stroll to enjoy the sunset
    Isis Lourenço

  31. That's some good quality lace right there! Hmm... I'm not that great of a coordinator but I'd pair this dress with white heels and maybe a white clutch? And maybe some jewelry. I could wear a coat too! Haha, too many possibilities. Thanks for the giveaway! :)
    yanyiewen2 [at]

  32. xoxlucyxox [at] and I would style it with white accessories and white shoes

  33. This dress is so cute and stylish, perfect style for this Fall, i would to style this with some pinkish white color of accessories it would be great , and also a perfect pair of nude heels, even flats would be good, a white coat would be beautiful, perfect for the season.
    I really love to wear this beautiful dress.


  34. I would use the dress with sandals black *_* in a party
    Omg i like it

  35. I'd style it with my brown heeled sandals with a white crossbody purse with my hair in a bun :) [at]

  36. So cute dress! I would wear it with black leather jacket and silver accessories!

  37. Hi Kristina !
    Wow, this is like my dream dress! As a kid I wanted to be a ballerina... and never even did classical dance haha.
    But this dress, wow!
    I think it would look amazing with a leather jacket (obviously can't resist a leather jacket) and a pair of simple black high heels (or maybe something crazy like silver heels?). And a clutch!
    I take a minute while writing this little comment to tell you how happy I am each time I see a pic or post of you at some event or blogger's party, meeting Sammi from the Beauty crush (my favorite youtuber ever, I'm not jealous AT ALL) and many others. I've been following your blog for at least 4 years (maybe more) and I'm so glad to see you becoming more and more successful and having all those great opportunities! Your posts never disappoint, and you know I absolutely love your style!
    Camille (camillegrand AT gmail DOT com)

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  39. Dear Kristiana,

    thank you for this great giveaway! For a wedding or something like that i'd style that dress with nude heels, a cute baby blue blazer, a nude clutch and of course with my fav necklace from zara (I saw that you've got the same one :) ). For a night out with my friends i'd style the dress with a black biker jacket, black ankle booties and a black fringed bag. Viele Grüße aus Deutschland von Becci :) (chafri at

  40. Hii Kristiana!
    Tiik skaista kleita :) i would wear this dress with light blue or light turquoise jacket with light blue or light turquoise high heels and necklace.
    Sveicieni no Latvijas!