Monday, October 27, 2014


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I normally do all of my blog shoots with different friends or my little brother, and being the goofy and clumsy person that I am, it's definitely difficult to keep a straight face sometimes. From time to time I even resort to really strange grimaces and poses that better not surface on the internet, haha.

On my blog I don't like being all smiley and looking too touristy on photos, so I keep a neutral face and try to show my outfit the best way I can.  Outside the blog? Yes, I get laughing fits, I get caught with closed eyes and sometimes I do very weird things. I'm all for being open and honest on my little space on the world wide web, so I decided to share a couple of the less-posey pictures of me - I don't mind if you want to giggle. 

Mid shoot nap and a sudden laughing fit 
Some blinking and duckface action, and a pre-sneeze picture too, while we're at it 

Goofing around with my little brother - the majority of my photos are taken by him and he's only 9!
I always talk to my brother when he takes my photos and he just continues clicking haha


  1. Nice:) x

  2. So cute that your brother does most of your pics! And he does an amazing job already now so he'll probably be a photographer pro by the age of 16 :D

    1. He's not interested in photography, he just helps me out with the blog and of course I pay him for it :) He will become a scientist when he grows up and he is already studying a lot of science in his own time, hehe.

  3. Aww loved this post, your outtakes are so cute. It's a good reminder that what people see on our blogs and instagrams really is an edited version of our lives. Your brother is a great photographer! x

    Adventures of an Anglophile

  4. Hah, I'm not very comment-y (is that even a word? Probably not) but I just want to say you're gorgeous! Just like your smile. Love the 4th pic :) x charo

  5. Awhh love this!!! Good to show the more natural side haha X

  6. Absolutely adore this post, it's so freaking cute!

    not haute

  7. These photos are really cute and funny . ^^ I love this post!

  8. Those photos are so beautiful and cute photos!
    xx Ama


  9. Awww hahah, you're so pretty! x