Sunday, October 12, 2014


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Coat - H&M, Jumper - Whistles, Jeans - Lee, Boots - Vagabond, Bag - ASOS

Hey you - long time, no see! While my blog has been kind of quiet, in the backstage I am working on ways I can maintain consistent blogging during this year of a full time job. I will also make some changes to the blog itself, but bear with me, because my life is definitely going in slow motion lately as I am still adjusting to everything.

This is one of the outfits I usually wear to work - the etiquette is all black, so I have bought plenty of black basics to variate between. On my birthday I treated myself to this Whistles jumper - seeing it at work every day just became too unbearable, so I finally had to get it. I love it so much that I probably wear it every third day or something as it is so versatile.

My new black Lee Skyler jeans have become a favorite and they are actually part of my work uniform, kindly gifted to me by Lee. After we did our training on the brand, I fell in love with it real bad. The quality difference between the Lee Skyler high waisted skinny jeans and my Topshop Joni's is outstanding! They never lose their shape, because the material has great recovery qualities after being stretched. I'm also planning on getting the printed version of these jeans. By the way, if you choose to buy this pair I would recommend sizing down (I got mine in W25 as opposed to the usual W26).

Photos by Yousif Sadik


  1. You look so chic ! Love the coat so much !


  2. Your outfit is just flawless ! The coat instantly caught my eye and I really like the color.I think I have to go to H&M's... hihi Perfect outfit, simple but classy and 'très chic' ;)

    xx Lifting-Fairy

  3. Džemperis tiešām ļoooti nice - ja man būtu jāstrādā darbā kur viņš visu laiku acu priekšā es arī nenoturētos un nopirktu .. tagad cerams ka ātri aizmirsīšu ka tādu redzēju.. :)


  4. I really like your Asos bag! Still wondering if I should get one too...

  5. Love your coat and your sweater! can't wait to see what changes you have in store for your blog :)
    The Fashionista Bubble

  6. What a great outfit! I love both your coat and sweater ;) It's been so long since we last saw each other :/ I hope we'll both be able to make it to the next blogger meeting :D

  7. Very cool sweatshirt! Your outfit is so great!


  8. That coat is gorgeous! :)
    It's always so lovely to see new posts from you. And it doesn't matter how often or rarely you post, I always choose to read your posts first from my bloglovin feed. Actually, yours was first blog that I ever started to read and it was about 5 years ago (Oh, time flies so quickly!) so I can say that you got me into this wonderful world of blogs that I didn't know even existed. So thank you! ;)

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate that!!! :)

  9. oh I love these pictures! great work!

    x Claude

  10. amazing style! i love whistles but it's so expensive!

  11. As your jumper states you look so chic!! I love your style and the coat looks great on you :)


  12. Love the whole outfit! I especially love the sweater and coat! Its perfect for UK's weather! ;)

  13. What a lovely look, love your coat and your shoes! You are so pretty dear!

  14. This is an absolutely on point outfit, and you are so gorgeous! I love the jeans especially - I'm always on the hunt for good denim!
    x Justina //
    ps. I'm trying to step up my bloglovin' game - help a girl out?

  15. i don't know exactly what it is about your hair in these pictures but it looks soo pretty! i'm literally the laziest person ever when it comes to doing something with my hair, haha :)