Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I have a day off work today, so I slept in late, read a book, ate breakfast at lunch time and generally didn't really get out of bed. After having a look through my photos I realized I have quite a few unpublished pictures in my summer archives - less of the fashion stuff and more of the "fun days out" kind. I can't help but feel nostalgic.. I really miss the warm weather and being in Latvia is always my favorite time each year!

These photos are from a really hot day, where I went to the beach with Elizabete and Laura. We only stayed about 2 hours, but that got me more tanned than all of my other beach sessions altogether, because the sun was very strong that day. Afterwards we had quite a long walk to the bus stop so we got really carried away with my camera!

That's all for today! I definitely need to get out of bed and start packing because I'm flying home tomorrow for a little bit - super exciting!

Get the boots here, shorts here and top here.


  1. Really cute pictures ! Seems like a lot of fun !


  2. Es pilnīgi saprotu ko Tu domā- man arī skatoties vasaras bildes piemetas nostaļģija ( tieši domāju kaut kad drīzumā arī taisīt bloga rakstu ar vasaras bildē, :D )
    Lieliski izskatījies- ļoti patīk Tavas saulesbrilles! :)

  3. Ohh I love summer, and I am already missing it!
    But still I am looking forward to winter, especially christmas with all those yummy and heavenly cookies and sweets :D can't wait to finally be off-season again hehe


  4. Forši skatīties saulainās bildes rudens lietainā dienā :) paldies par blogu!

    Te arī mans nesenais veikums -