Saturday, November 29, 2014


blogger_luDuring my stay in Luxembourg a week ago, I had the pleasure of going for a proper Sunday brunch with the Luxembourg bloggers. Collectively we organize monthly meetings where we can all meet up, talk about what we do and always see new faces. Now that I'm working full time, I can't go back home to Luxembourg as often as I'd like to, so I also end up missing out on quite a few meetings.

It's amazing that Luxembourg is finally growing a proper blogging scene! That is something I wished for when I started blogging back in 2009, because it felt like a bit of an alien thing to do at the time and quite a few people at school got quite nasty about me blogging, but I'm glad I stuck to it through thick and thin :)

We went to a place called Bouneweger Stuff and it was my first time there. I quite liked the interior and the relaxed atmosphere, although it did get really busy soon enough. Being the big foodie that I am, the surroundings didn't quite capture my interest as much as the menu did. I am just crazy about food and love every excuse to eat out. I don't eat meat or fish so I was immediately drawn to their vegetarian options and I chose the veggie quiche - I could literally have all kinds of quiches all day, every day! Unfortunately there was a hiccup in the kitchen and they somehow brought me a quiche with ham, but the staff handled the situation very well and I got to choose a new dish on the house. I did feel really weird knowing that I was unknowingly fed some meat but I suppose the free food kind of made it up.

I am not able to make it to the next couple of blogger meetings, but I always stay updated with the happenings of Luxembourg blogger world through our Facebook page, where you can find links to all our new posts!
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  1. I'm so sad I missed out on this one but it was lovely hearing your kind words about the group! I'm super glad that things have evolved since then, too ;)

  2. Great photos and nice to finally see our pic :) Was great to see you again!