Friday, November 7, 2014


Luxembourg fashion blogger Guildford fashion blogger Pastel pink coat Zara candy necklace

Hey you! Yes, I'm still here. Not as active on my blog as I'd like to be, but definitely still here! I naked this post "Autumn wardrobe basics", because every single item above is a key basic in my wardrobe that can be dressed up or down. I wasn't initially going to post these photos, because the outfit is way too similar to a recent one of mine, but, in all fairness, it is something I wear a lot and reflects my style quite well. Some bloggers do wear the same thing twice! Or thrice..shock horror.

The last few weeks I've been really busy with work, and the remaining time I'm just cooking, watching TV series and relaxing. Exciting life, right?! Trying to catch some daylight for outfit photos proves to be an ongoing challenge, however I have been updating my Instagram more frequently with daily outfits and more, so do check it out!

On a more current topic, I wanted to thank the employment gods for giving me a late start today, meaning that I could successfully shop the Alexander Wang x H&M collection! It took me a while of refreshing and whatnot, but eventually by 10AM I had ordered the items I wanted. I am quite gutted that I had to miss the collection previews though, I absolutely hate passing up on cool events because of my job. Luckily next week I have a day off and it seems like I will finally move my butt to London for some blogger shenanigans, we shall see! 


  1. Mētelītis ir pasakains! :)
    Tev ļoti piestāv. :))

  2. Love this look ! The coat is super pretty !


  3. super:) xx

  4. Kristiana, we miss you! :(

  5. Which items did you get from the collection? :) Oh and your coat is lovely by the way,really like how simple yet chic it is

  6. Great look, the coat is super pretty! And I get what you mean, sometimes I feel like I shouldn't take pics of an outfit because I wore a similar one before. But then again lots of bloggers wear really similar things over and over again and it gives their look a recognition value which is a good thing after all ;)

  7. Tas jau ir loģiski, ka lietas, kuras ir redzamas bloga rakstos atkārtojas, jo, man liekas ir nereāli katru reizi uzvilkt kaut jo jaunu, savādāk miljonāres mēs te visas būtu! :D Plus, man patīk, ja lietas atkārtojas, jo tā var redzēt cik ļoti dažāds ir apģērba gabals un veidus kā to vēl var sakombinēt!
    Manuprāt, izskaties lieliski! :)