Thursday, November 20, 2014


(April 2014)

Hey there! Just a quick one today. Last night I lost my old domain, so I ended up finally getting the domain I had been thinking of for the past couple of weeks. Such sudden pushes are definitely good for me, otherwise I'm too indecisive, haha. The downside is that because I lost my old domain, it won't be that redirects to, but it will be my old blog (that also previously redirected to - does that make sense?

It's definitely a stressful issue as I don't really want to lose followers due to this. Also when my site appears in Google, it's still the old one, but hopefully it won't take too long for it to change. I have to rush to work now, but I really just wanted to let you know! So make sure you always visit from now on! ♥

1 comment:

  1. :) when I a few times requested your old link, and Google said that it is error and it cannot found it, I was afraid first time you stopped blogging or delete your blog,,,I was just OMG!!! :)))
    i'm glad that you continue blogging because you are so great blogger (my favourite, I should admit) and I read your blog from the first post! good luck with your new domain :)