Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Heyhey! Before you wonder if I wasn't freezing my behind off - nope, this 49% wool coat does wonders. The length is great too - longer than an average coat, not quite long enough for a midi coat, but in this case it covers my bare legs and even overrides my overknee boots, so kudos for that. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have noticed that I show some love to Biba lately, which is my new department at work. I'm not asked or required, in any shape or form, to talk about it or even wear it (I bought the things for my own money), but I absolutely love the brand and the history behind it! I definitely suggest having a look to see if there's anything you like, especially as we currently have 40% off the majority of things. This jumper, in particular, is incredibly soft and warm - I really can't stop wearing it!

While I do love this new discovery, my unconditional love for ASOS is never ending and I should definitely be made ASOS brand ambassador or something, considering the amount of ASOS things I own, haha. I also got my New Years eve dress from ASOS, which you might recognize from the post below. You can have a peek here. Isn't it wonderful? ♥

Photos by Kinga Bajerska 


  1. Love this black and white look and especiall you're totally stunning boots. #majorwant
    Asos is one of my favorite stores as well,I could browse their store for hours and hours :)

  2. The Biba jumper looks great combined with the skirt! A very stylish look.

  3. Great look as always but what really stroke me here is your hair. It looks gorgeous! Did you cut it or is it just the waves that make it look different? :)

  4. lovely outfit, how cool the print is on the jumper!

  5. Short hair definitely looks glorious on you! (: