Monday, September 29, 2014


T-shirt - ASOS, cardigan - UO, skirt - H&M (similar), boots - Dune (here), bag - ASOS, bracelet - Pandora, earrings - ASOS

These boots were one of those split second decisions. I was on my lunch break at work and while browsing Instagram, I saw a photo of these boots posted by @dune_london. They were exactly what I had been looking for - all those hundreds of open Google Chrome tabs with possible, yet eliminated, candidates from the likes of Zara, ASOS or Office... When all hope was eventually lost, the perfect shoe came to ME! Before I knew it, I had them on Next Day Delivery and we have been inseparable ever since.

Currently I'm writing this from the airport, as I managed to go home to Luxembourg for the weekend, but my mini holiday has now come to an end. I came here from Guildford only by trains, which was probably the longest journey I've ever travelled on my own. It was really exhausting but definitely worth it! Luckily there were flights back on the day I needed, so I don't need to repeat that now, haha.

Sorry to keep this so brief, but I've literally been thinking of what to write for the past 20 minutes - it's just too damn difficult at the airport with all these distractions around me! Fortunately the new episode of Revenge is out, so that will keep me busy until boarding. Talk to you later! 

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Dress - ASOS (here), Bag - ASOS (here), Boots - Duo (here), Lipstick - Mac Creme Cup (here)

Knee high boots have been on my wish-list for as long as I can remember, but I could never find a pair that was sturdy enough and stayed tightly around my legs. I'm not a big fan of slouchy boots, personally they don't really do anything for my figure! I was super happy when Duo Boots came to the rescue and gifted me this pair, because they are incredibly flattering, and more than anything I could have ever asked for, in a pair of knee high boots. The suede material is so soft and the boots scream quality, which is something I really value lately.

I'm also extremely happy with this sweater dress that I got on ASOS recently. It is very comfortable and easy to wear, but the lace inserts distinguish it from my other black dresses. They have the same dress with mesh inserts too! I will definitely be getting more simple black dresses, because they really are super easy to wear. Even though my work uniform is all-black, the options are endless!

At the moment I've been working for 6 days straight, but I have a day off on Monday so I can finally breathe. On Wednesday it will be my 21st birthday and on Saturday I'm off to Luxembourg for a quick weekend getaway! I really miss my family and our new cat, besides all this work is not good for my sanity, so I really look forward to a little break.

By the way, thanks to all who participated in my Chi Chi giveaway! I will soon pick a winner myself, based on your outfit suggestions, and contact them by their e-mail. Exciting! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Luxembourg fashion blogger Guildford fashion blogger Latvia fashion blog How to wear pleated midi skirt How to wear pleated ASOS Midi skirt Zara tassel loafers Kristiana Vasarina Daniel Wellington watch Daniel Wellington Classic Glasgow Lady
Skirt - ASOS, Tank top - & Other Stories, Loafers - Zara, Earrings - ASOS, Watch - Daniel Wellington, Lace bra - ASOS

Hey, remember me? Just thought that I'd remind you of my existence. It's just that I work 9-6 errday and once I come home, I usually just end up falling into my bed with my shoes and bag on. I need to figure this whole full time job x personal style blog thing out, but while I do that, I thought I'd send mental kudos to those superhuman bloggers who do have it all figured out.

While I am trying to cut down on the usual outfit chit-chat, I did want to highlight the fact that in this outfit I'm wearing two items that I never imagined I would wear, specifically loafers and a watch. For years I've avoided both - loafers were "grandpa shoes" and a watch was not required because iPhone, duh. Now that I've started working, I'm surprising myself by opting for unusual choices in regards to my outfits. The loafers were necessary because I'm only allowed to wear black shoes at work, but normal ballet flats kill my back and feet, so I tried to find a pair of flats that offer more support. These Zara ones had enough tassels and studs to look more rock 'n' roll rather than "grandpa".

When it comes to timing, I am always extremely punctual. I wouldn't quite call it an OCD, but I do freak out if I am 1 minute late. Now that I'm a working girl (YES, my life really does now revolve around my job), it's crucial to know the time. Access to mobile phone is limited during the day, so this Daniel Wellington watch came just in time. I chose the Classic Glasgow Lady watch, because I adore the combination of gold, white and navy. The black Classic Sheffield Lady could have been more practical, but since I'm new to wearing watches, I decided to go for something more fun. The watch has become an irreplaceable accessory as well as arm candy. If you'd like your own, you can use the code kristianas to get 15% off until the 30th September. Happy shopping! 

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Today I'm giving away this Chi Chi Harriet dress in a size UK8 (size 36 / size Small). The material is quite stretchy, therefore it could also be worn by someone who is one size bigger. I simply haven't ever worn this dress and it even has all the original tags on, so I thought maybe someone else would benefit from it more than me. I decided to skip all the boring giveaway rules and make it really simple, as I really want one of my actual readers to win this, rather than a random person who saw the link on Twitter. I'll add a personal note and a little gift to the parcel too! The giveaway is international and I will cover all costs.

All you need to do for an entry is comment on this post with your e-mail address and how you would style the dress. I'd suggest writing your e-mail address in this form: youremail [at] (instead of , just to avoid lots of junk mail from people who copy-paste e-mail addresses.

As a thank you to Chi Chi, who sent me the dress, I would really appreciate if you clicked on their link and liked their Facebook page, but don't worry if you don't - as I said there are no rules :)

Let's give this one week - enjoy!

Giveaway has ended. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Top & skirt - H&M, Cardigan - COS, Bag - La Moda, Sneakers - Converse, Nail polish - Barry M in Passion Fruit

So busy lately that I'm barely finding any time for blogging! I'm still adjusting to working full time (especially cause I sometimes have to work on weekends), but blogging has been my main passion for over 5 years so I will find ways to make this work. I'm just currently extremely bummed out, because I found out today that I'll be spending Christmas and New Year on my own in Guildford as I can't get any days off work then.

Meanwhile, this is a random and quickly thrown together outfit that I wore for dinner with my new housemate on the weekend. We went to Yo Sushi and then had Pimms at a local club, love that stuff. On the way home we walked over this bridge and I couldn't take another step without making us snap some photos of each other. Guildford does not always have the nicest backdrops for photos, but this one is definitely a favorite! Hopefully I'll get to shoot some more photos on that bridge in daylight.

You will probably be seeing more and more black looks on my blog, as my work uniform is black so I've gone in a completely different shopping mindset. It's kind of difficult to justify buying colored clothing if you know you will be wearing all-black 5 days a week.

PS. Use the code ASOSGLAMOUR to get 20% off all full priced items on ASOS (click) ! I just made an order with some pretty Mango dresses for work. It works until 8th September, so hurry!