Wednesday, April 29, 2015


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With a bit of a delay, here is my second Barcelona look. I chose to keep it clean and casual, because this was a full day of shopping and I definitely needed to be comfortable for that. After shopping, we went for dinner at a vegetarian restaurant called Biocenter. We loved it! I finally wore my favorite jacket from Danish label Minimum (it's on sale). Spring is definitely a good time to get some statement jackets! I've selected my favourite options below (adblock needs to be disabled to see!). 

These loafers from The Kooples have fast become my favourite shoes, I just feel so cool and rock 'n' roll in them (I am anything but cool and rock 'n' roll, haha). Unfortunately my white blouse did not live to travel home with me to the UK, I had a little accident, which made it completely unwearable. And lastly, don't mind my open handbag in half the pictures. I walk around like that most of the time, completely oblivious to it.


  1. If I ever go to Barcelona I'm gonna try out the restaurants you´re talking about! :)

    the sunnies <3

  2. I love this, you look gorgeous. Those shoes are my faaaaave!

  3. Tik skaista blūze! Žēl, ka sabojāji :D Lielisks izskaties!!! :)

  4. Inlove with the outfit and the background!