Monday, May 4, 2015


Kristiana vasarina depop

Today I thought I'd inject some shameless self-advertising here..on my own blog though, so does it really count? I probably haven't mentioned this much before, but I've been quite active on the mobile app Depop, due to the fact that in summer I'm moving to a new place and really just need to downsize my wardrobe. There is literally a massive cardboard box in my closet, full of folded clothes that I'm selling, haha. All the stuff I'm selling is still in great condition, and if there are any faults, I always highlight them in the description. Most things cost between a £5 to £25 price range, as I do mainly shop on the high street. Everything is always sent really quickly, because I go to the town centre pretty much every day for work anyway. I like to include UK shipping in the price, but if you live outside the UK, it's normally only a couple of GBP extra for shipping.  

If you have depop, please do give me a follow and if there is anything you see, then feel free to drop me an e-mail or contact me directly through Depop :) I'm open to offers and will always make a good deal if you are buying more than one item too. 

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  1. Hey Kristiana,

    do you have by chance some flats as well to sell? You had in the past such cute flats :)