Sunday, August 23, 2015


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Hey guys, hope you've had a great week! Here's another outfit post for you. Writing this post in-between little sunbathing trips, to and from the garden. One can only take that much heat until they start to go a little bit cuckoo... In all honesty, I have a difficult relationship with the sun. On one hand, between the various attempts at fake tan and spray-tans during the year, all I wish for is the warm weather and some sun to give me some colour (I'm all for being happy in your own body, but I personally feel happier when I have some tan). However, when the time actually comes and we have these cloudless, 26 degree Celsius days, I find myself hiding indoors, because it's just too hot to cope. Alas, two weeks ago I found myself paying for a spray tan while it was 30 degrees outside - crazy, right?  I did console myself with the fact that too much sun means damage, potential skin cancer and whatnot. Besides, it would have taken days for my white, sun unwelcoming skin to get the level of tan I achieved by a quick spray tan. So yes, I don't really know what to make out with my relationship to the sun...

Onto the outfit though; I'm really excited to show you this khaki pencil dress! I wore it to the Pandora event in Luxembourg and found it to be a great day to evening option. Khaki is one of my fave colours in general, but it only happens that the only khaki thing I own is this dress, so maybe it's time to work on that a little, haha. Since this dress is in sale, and therefore only a few sizes left, I've added some other khaki dresses (and a playsuit) down below. If you can't see the pictures, make sure your adblock is disabled on my page.

Another thing I've been dying to show on the blog is my new Paul's Boutique bag!!! (yes, this deserves three exclamation marks) It came to my doorstep with impeccable timing - I really needed a bag that was big enough to fit my lunch, umbrella and a pair of spare shoes. Now that my placement year at House of Fraser is over, I know this bag will also help me carry all my Uni stuff during my final year. What I really like about Paul's Boutique is that most of their bags are made out of faux leather (this one is an exception, though), but quality wise you can't tell a difference, as they last a really long time and look well made. XOXO

Photos by Christine Xuan 


  1. Such a cute dress and I've been in love with these shoes since I first saw them on you :)

  2. I love the shoes! Why did you get that bag, though, especially if there are so many faux leather versions?

    1. Thank you :) Sorry for the late reply!

      When it comes to cutting out animal products, I'm a lot better at incorporating that into my food choices, whereas a lot of my shoes are still made of suede, for example. One step at a time! I do prefer going for the faux-leather options by default, however when I was choosing the bag, I can imagine I went for this because of it's size or the fact that it would go with most of my clothes. It was between choosing something I would actually regularly use, as opposed to picking a bag that I might wear to the odd event and then never look at again.

  3. Nice look:) xx