Wednesday, August 5, 2015


About a month ago me and Tina decided to go try out the new vegetarian restaurant called Beet (located at 32 place Guillaume II). I was mad with anticipation and simply couldn't wait to go and eat there! My diet is probably like 98% plant based (on the odd occasion i may grab a salad with feta cheese during my lunch break). At home I only eat vegan food, which is supported by my vegan family too, so that is never an issue both when I'm in the UK or home in Luxembourg/Latvia. My main problem with fully transitioning to a vegan diet is the lack of vegan convenience food, as I just don't always have enough time to prepare home cooked meals for work. Because of this I always do a little happy dance when I find out about new vegetarian/vegan restaurant openings.

While Tina was slightly apprehensive at first, this was definitely going to be the highlight of my day. Unfortunately my excitement diminished very soon as we found ourselves feeling extremely unhappy with the service. I had to go to the bar myself 3 times and remind them about our food, because they just kept forgetting us. The girls at the table next to ours even ended up leaving as they were so upset. Even so, I was still looking forward to the food! I ordered the falafel pita bread and fries, but sadly both were pretty bland and dry. I REALLY wanted to like the restaurant for the cause that they stood for, and I simply overhyped them in my head before even going there. 

I want to assume that we simply chose the wrong time to go there, as it was a Friday afternoon in their very first week, so they probably just weren't prepared for the large demand that day. I've seen a lot of very positive reviews on other Luxembourgish blogs, so I think it most likely was just a matter of coming at the worst time. I do hope that they improve on their service and adjust to various sizes of demand, as that is such an important aspect in the hospitality industry. Another thing me and Tina hope is that they will add more options to their menu, as it was very limited at the moment. I sincerely do hope the best for them and I will definitely visit Beet again when I am back in Luxembourg, just because I really want to like this place and give them a chance to change my unfortunate experience. 

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  1. Food looks good indeed, but unfortunately I have problems with the service in most on the restaurant in the city center... sometimes I think it is just me that I am too much demanding!
    I will have to try this place!


  2. Žēl, ka tev nepaveicās ar pakalpojumu.. :/ Esmu tur ēdusi divas reizes jau un man abas reizes bija super labas! Nebija pārāk daudz cilvēku arī! Noteikti pamēģini aiziet vēlreiz un pasūti Mediterranean burger! Suuuuuper garšīgs. :)

  3. Aw man, sucks that you had such a bad first experience there :( whenever i went, the service was always good, so might really have been overwhelmed that day... I have to agree onthe falafel though, i tried them when someone else i was with ordered them and found them to be quite dry, but i really love their "classic" burger patty, so i don't care about the falafels all that much :)