Sunday, September 13, 2015


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I'm a massive perfectionist when it comes to my blog photography, and this is probably the post I struggled with the most so far. I uploaded, then re-edited and re-uploaded all these photos 4 times, which is a record for me. I think it's something about my pink neon skirt that just ruins the rest of the photo, haha. I also recall having a hard time trying to shoot some other neon things for my Depop. Ugh, it's the worst. So it really is a relief when I am finally satisfied with the result and the post can go live!

Most of my look comes from one of my fave stores & Other Stories. I was also really excited about wearing this crossover bra, as my top is slightly too low for my liking. Fl*ashy you & me is all made in Latvia, and they have really awesome lingerie, so make sure you check it out! We took these photos on a really hot day in Latvia, during "Rīgas svētki". I really do love being in my home country - although it's hard to call it home when you've only lived there for 7 years, the longest period being from the age of yeah. Nevertheless, I suppose that out of all my "homes", this one somehow feels more real, even though I genuinely feel like a tourist most of the time, when I am there. 

This is why it very quickly becomes awkward when someone asks me where I'm from. Um.. I was born in Latvia, where I stayed until the age of 5, then I lived in Finland for 3 years, then I went back to Latvia for 2 years, then I lived in Luxembourg for 9 years, and now I call UK my "home" for 3 years already. Confusing, right? This story also changes depending on the environment or the person asking me the question. None of those places (especially Finland) are 100% home, and I feel foreign wherever I am, even Latvia. I suppose I am more European than anything else. No matter how  confusing all this is to me and others, I am content with my upbringing and I probably wouldn't be the same person if it wasn't for all this. Woah, that was cheesy. 


  1. This look is absolutely gorgeous! Honestly, I thought that bralette part is incorporated in the top, if you get what I mean :) and it looks so so good! :))
    I understand that it might be difficult sometimes to tell people where are you from as you got to live in many countries, but I guess the home is where you feel the best :)


  2. I love the skirt!

  3. Love this pink colour on you! suits you so well and those shoes just compliment the whole look! If I knew how to insert love heart eye emoji here, I would! Feel free to check out my blog at, it would mean a lot xxx

  4. I love all your photos
    You are beautiful :)

  5. Nice:) xx