Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Guildford fashion blogger Kristiana Vasarina All white summer outfit Latvian fashion blogger Adidas all white superstars Oysho dress (out of stock but similar below), Adidas Superstars, Biba cross-body bag 

Hey guys! I can finally breathe again, as I've settled into my new flat for my final year at university. I also handed in my 10,000 word report, which, is fair to say, drained the life out of me. Somehow I had agreed to also work during this chaos, so my days were pretty crazy last week. This week university has finally started and I already had my first lectures. It definitely feels weird to be back, but I have to say that taking my placement year made me see things in perspective, and I am coming into the year feeling like I can just about tackle anything.

Speaking of tackling everything, I decided to give my blog a new design for my 22nd birthday two weeks ago. I'm not one of those people who will pay whatever amount for a design from Etsy that probably quite a few other bloggers use (nothing wrong with that, by the way). I've been occasionally working with HTML and CSS since I was 11, that is a whooping half of my life. While my knowledge is FAR from extensive, I have a logical understanding of what I'm doing, so paying someone for a design and having their name at the bottom of my page seemed like I was letting myself down. It took me 2 full days and a lot of patience, but I'm really proud of the design I've created. It's crazy how much work can go into the things that are less than obvious or even visible. 

Due to my blog break, I've got quite a few summer outfits that I have yet to publish - it feels extremely inappropriate to post them in October. Then again I'm crossing my fingers for a warm family getaway this autumn/winter. I was recently gifted the much hyped Olympus PEN E-PL7 camera - as soon as I get the lens I want, I will be posting more weather-appropriate outfits here too. But for now I hope you enjoy this summer outfit that we shot in my garden in Latvia! Adios!!! XO


  1. I'm loving your new layout/design! I'm unfortunately a complete idiot when it comes to HTML and CSS, so I'm one of those people that will buy a design on Etsy haha :D


  2. I actually didn't know that she shoes contained leather, so I'm quite annoyed at myself right now because I usually google these kinds of things before buying something :( I am very happy that I bought them second hand though, so I think I'll keep them and learn a lesson out of the experience.


  3. Nice:) xx