Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Hey guys! It's quite unusual for me to post something literally the next day (I even have some summer outfits left to post - not sure if it's worth it anymore though? haha), but I had a 3.5h train journey back home from Brussels, and the novelty of being at the presale event of H&M x Balmain collab was something that gave me time and motivation to work on the post during my journey. 

The party was held at a secret location in Brussels, with occasional shuttle buses going back and forth until midnight. It turned out to be a massive factory style building from the inside, the afterparty venue had pink lights and a chandelier on the floor, which we thought was pretty cool! We were lucky to be on the first batch of shuttle buses, because if you check the mannequin photos before and after, you will see what the room looked like a mere 20-30 minutes later - even the mannequins were stripped. I did feel sorry for the people who arrived later!

We didn't go to the event with the intention to splash out (not that we really had a choice, being students and all), but it was exciting nevertheless. Girls were running from the shuttle bus to be the first to grab everything. People were walking around with more stuff than they could possibly carry, in order to go to a quiet corner and quickly try everything on. Although previously making fun of the black logo t-shirts that surely everyone will have, when me and Kaori saw some of them left midst all the empty rails, we ended up buying them haha. I still have my Alexander Wang x H&M black t-shirt from last year (even the tag is still on). Maybe make it a tradition? Haha.

The collection will be released tomorrow morning, in stores and online. I will probably still check it out online, however if it's anything like last year, I will probably spend an hour refreshing the page while trying to add things to my cart. I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone else will be getting! Goodnight! <3

The embellishment was insane! This jacket was super heavy due to all its pearls and beading. Did you know that the heaviest item in the collection was the black and white dress (it was quickly sold out, so no photos) that contains 250,000 beads?! That is 250 THOUSAND pearls. Insane!

Veggie hotdog made of soya, it also contained golden hummus, popcorn and sesame seeds. Hands down the best hotdog I've ever had (I've only ever had a handful and that was ages ago, before I stopped eating meat). I really hope to recreate this at home!


  1. I received the invitation for this event and I was considering to go as I supposed it was quieter than checking the collection on the same day... but apparently it was not the case :)


    1. I haven't ever been to the launch day at a store but from what I saw on pictures online (around the world, not just the Luxembourg opening), I'm glad I went to this cause it was a lot more civilised!

  2. Can't wait to get our hands on the collection, we love Balmain's heavy detailing and embellishment
    Feel free to check out our latest post x