Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pochette de Janette

Receiving a subscription box (or in this case a pochette/pouch) in the mail is like a mini Christmas - the anticipation of finding out what you will find in your parcel almost brings you back to childhood. Who am I kidding, I still await my presents as eagerly as my 10 year old younger self did. Luxembourg's fashion magazine Janette delivers exactly this, month by month. Pochette de Janette mainly focuses on beauty products, but always adds an extra element in - be it a pair of museum tickets or an accessory. 

What I liked best about this package was the clear shift towards more eco-friendly products to minimize the environmental and health impacts caused by the cosmetics industry. Having recently watched Cowspiracy (documentary on animal agriculture), made me reevaluate the general footprint I am leaving on the planet. I've always been very conscious in avoiding animal products and recycling properly, but this really showed me the urgency of the general situation. For this reason, I absolutely loved the package. 

My favourite item by far was the vegan solid shampoo. I've been in an on-and-off (woah, try to say that out loud) relationship with shampoo for the past 3 years. I've done everything from "no-poo", to washing my hair almost daily. I have finally decided that I will continue using shampoo, but avoid anything from the drugstore. I'm also currently "training" my hair to be washed every 4-5 days (the struggle is real, guys). Being a big fan of Lush's solid shampoos, this Lamazuna solid shampoo came just in time. The lather took a while to build up, but once it was there it was marvellous. Definitely recommend! Don't forget to find a little tin for your solid shampoo. I simply used the one I had from Lush.

Needless to say, my sphinx kitten loved the pochette too. His favourite item was the Orange Blossom Face Mist by Doux Me. Their slogan spoke to me as soon as I saw it: "Welcome to all the women who refuse to choose between ethics, effectiveness and feminity!" That is literally my life! Trying to look decent, while consciously avoiding some of the biggest make-up brands out there. 

As with most beauty boxes, this one is really good value for money. You can get a single package for 18.50€, or you can also get a bundle of 4 or 9 packages here. Currently Pochette de Janette can reach readers in Luxembourg, France, Germany and Belgium. Anyone stuck for Christmas ideas? XO

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