Saturday, June 27, 2015


To celebrate the launch of Marks & Spencer's Ultimate Dress Guide, I was recently challenged to style one of their dresses for a summer event. Although M&S is not quite my go-to store for all things fashion, I absolutely fell in love with this Tencel midi dress and decided on the entire look there and then. On this occasion I decided to style the dress as I would to a summer festival. I'm definitely bored of the typical festival looks that keep surfacing on Instagram, I generally think festival fashion has become somewhat cliché and it's always great to see something a little bit different. This year I'm really into everything midi and pencil length, and think it's the perfect style for a festival too! 

Having gone to festivals since a relatively young age (holla at 13 year old little emo Kristiana), I decided to share some of my personal festival styling tips.

1. Comfortable shoes - can't stress this enough. This means no flip flops, no heels and no expensive designer footwear (I may want to rethink wearing my Kurt Geiger espandrilles, if I did wear this outfit to a festival!) Last year I wore my flat ankle boots from Vagabond and they were amazing through all the weather conditions. 

2. Bring an over the shoulder/crossbody bag, so that you can see it at all times. Ideally it would also be a decent size, so that you could fit in a jumper for chilly evenings and other necessities. The crossbody style is also really useful when you're jumping in the crowd, as opposed to a backpack which might smack the people behind you in their face :D

3. Something I'd highly suggest is to wear shorts, even if that means wearing them under a dress! You definitely want to be comfortable when sitting in the field or standing somewhere in the crowd. If I'm wearing a dress, I usually opt for some sort of cotton gym shorts underneath.

4. A hat will be your best friend. Not only will it add something to your look, but it will also save you from weather induced disasters. Last year it rained like crazy and my hat proved to be an amazing umbrella alternative (because when White Lies are playing, you don't want to be watching from under the tents far, far away...) 

5. Have fun with accessories and jewellery! You probably don't want to wear your most expensive jewellery to a festival, but adding some stacked up necklaces will definitely make a statement on your look. Stacking up rings is also something I like to do, especially with bright colored nails!

I think the main thing when it comes to festival fashion is just to have fun, but it's also important to remain practical, as you don't want your experience spoiled by your clothing choices. A little creativity will go a long way, and you might find yourself spotted by the local street style photographers! TTYL ♥