Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hanneli Mustaparta Edition For Deichmann: 2 Ways

Luxembourg fashion blogger

You know you have found the right pair of shoes, when you wear them for 6 days in a row (that's a lot coming from someone who probably has more shoes than sense). Norwegian-born blogger and Vogue contributor Hanneli Mustaparta has teamed up with European shoe giant Deichmann for a limited edition capsule collection. The 10 pairs are available exclusively online, and your wallet will thank you, because the shoes come at a very sensible price. Whether you like chunky soles or want to feel like cinderella for the day, there is something to tickle everyone's fancy. 

In my first look, I tried to style the loafers in a fun and girly way. As a child, I thought that this type of shoe is something I would only see my grandfather wear (no offence, paps). Then again, as a child I also thought skinny jeans were an unforgivable faux-pas, and I never imagined myself wearing skirts that were longer than my knees. Look at me now. This look is my attempt to show that loafers can be fun, young and slightly rock 'n' roll. Or is that taking it a bit too far?

This pink Mango dress has been my summer essential and it's something I definitely want to keep wearing during the seasonal transition. On a chillier day, I'd just add a pair of opaque tights to this look, and swap the leather jacket to a black coat. 

Hanneli Mustaparta Deichmann loafers

I do love playing around with silhouettes and different styles, so for my second outfit I went for a more casual, almost androgynous look. It's a more classic way to style loafers, yet still not quite the less than inspiring 9-5 uniform I had envisioned as a little girl. The loafers are an incredibly easy but chic twist to an otherwise very classic outfit. I paired the shoes with my all-time fave ASOS denims and my new H&M Trend boyfriend jacket.

I wanted to try something different and got inspired by ASOS to create my own 360 rotating image to showcase the shoes from every angle. Personally I think loafers are an all-time classic and will never really go out of style. Sometimes the star shoe of the season is the one that unexpectedly works with a really diverse range of outfits, be it really girly or more serious. Other than the loafers, I already have my eyes on all three pairs of the ankle boots within the collection. Ankle boots, too, never go out of style - surely they are an investment?

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Kristiana Vasarina Latvian fashion blogger Flash you and me tulle bra Latvijas modes blogeri Luxembourg fashion blogger Guildford fashion blogger & Other Stories pink wrap skirt Aldo black gold sliders

I'm a massive perfectionist when it comes to my blog photography, and this is probably the post I struggled with the most so far. I uploaded, then re-edited and re-uploaded all these photos 4 times, which is a record for me. I think it's something about my pink neon skirt that just ruins the rest of the photo, haha. I also recall having a hard time trying to shoot some other neon things for my Depop. Ugh, it's the worst. So it really is a relief when I am finally satisfied with the result and the post can go live!

Most of my look comes from one of my fave stores & Other Stories. I was also really excited about wearing this crossover bra, as my top is slightly too low for my liking. Fl*ashy you & me is all made in Latvia, and they have really awesome lingerie, so make sure you check it out! We took these photos on a really hot day in Latvia, during "Rīgas svētki". I really do love being in my home country - although it's hard to call it home when you've only lived there for 7 years, the longest period being from the age of yeah. Nevertheless, I suppose that out of all my "homes", this one somehow feels more real, even though I genuinely feel like a tourist most of the time, when I am there. 

This is why it very quickly becomes awkward when someone asks me where I'm from. Um.. I was born in Latvia, where I stayed until the age of 5, then I lived in Finland for 3 years, then I went back to Latvia for 2 years, then I lived in Luxembourg for 9 years, and now I call UK my "home" for 3 years already. Confusing, right? This story also changes depending on the environment or the person asking me the question. None of those places (especially Finland) are 100% home, and I feel foreign wherever I am, even Latvia. I suppose I am more European than anything else. No matter how  confusing all this is to me and others, I am content with my upbringing and I probably wouldn't be the same person if it wasn't for all this. Woah, that was cheesy.