Saturday, March 5, 2016

The V Factor Vegan Cafe in Lanzarote

Vegan beet burger Vegan cafe restaurant in Lanzarote, Arrecife Vegan food in Canary islands The V Factor cafe Lanzarote
I've been meaning to do this vegan cafe review ever since we got back from Lanzarote. I took my family here on our last day, and as a family of vegans and vegetarians we were relieved to finally have some more choice apart from customized pizzas and mixes of side meals at the typical Canarian restaurants. We were pleasantly surprised at the cafe to see that most of the tables and chairs were assembled out of recycled car tyres and wooden boxes. It was also interesting to see the very lovely waiter clean tables with newspaper. We liked the fact that they are not only doing the planet a favour by only using plant based food, but they are also recycling items that would otherwise be discarded. 

The food on the menu was very reasonably priced, and we could only put this down to the cafe being in the capital city Arrecife, that is not known to be much of a touristy area, but more aimed at locals. Some of the beet burgers I've had in Luxembourg cost around 17 euros, whereas at the V Factor they were only 5 euros. Every day The V Factor also serves a 3 course specials menu, which my family took. The daily specials are very popular, so they only had three left and I decided to make my own three course meal from the menu. I chose the Tibia salad for my starter, a beet burger as a main (the patties also vary, so make sure you ask!), and a chocolate cake for dessert. I also took two of their fresh homemade juices, of which the ingredients also vary each day. My juice was very sweet and tropical, which I loved! They brought me a tray of different things you could add to the juice, such as chia seeds, cinnamon and more. 

We were all extremely pleased with the food and I actually experienced a severe food coma until about 9 in the evening (we finished eating at 5, when the cafe closed until later). We paid around 60 euros which was really good value for 4 people, considering that we each had 3 courses and 2 drinks. On leaving we were also asked to translate the word vegan in Latvian, as they were planning to release t-shirts to spread the cause. Even if you are not vegan, it is the perfect area and cafe to get a more local feel as opposed to the english populated areas in the touristy towns. The V Factor also has a children's area and a "dog parking" zone. I couldn't recommend this cafe more, if you ever do find yourself in Lanzarote. 


  1. I'm not vegan but I sometimes eat vegan food in restaurants because I like the idea behind it all. That burger looks delicious by the way xx