Saturday, April 16, 2016

Homemade Vegan Donuts

Homemade vegan donuts
Often when I tell people that I live on a plant diet, I'm faced with "What do you eat then?" and the inevitable "I just couldn't do it, I love food too much" etc... There is this idea that it's a very restrictive lifestyle, where you basically live off salad (which you can, if you want...), but to be honest it couldn't be further from the truth. It's very simple really - vegans can eat exactly the same dishes as everyone else, by replacing the animal products with vegan alternatives. Tastes the same, minus the cruelty - win, win situation, right? 

A couple of weeks ago me and Kaori were really craving some donuts, but weren't successful at finding any vegan options in Luxembourg. We eventually decided to test out our culinary skills and make them ourselves. As expected, it took quite a bit of time to do this, but the satisfaction of having made our own awesome donuts was worth it! Also, my family thought I'm some kinda world class chef, naturally...

We used a mixture of recipes that day, as we wanted to have a variety of icing flavours. The raspberry one was our favourite, as it was the perfect mix of sweet and still "natural" tasting due to using raspberries, as opposed to flavourings. I've posted the recipe links below, in case you ever decide to try this at home (which you definitely should!). Surprisingly, all of the ingredients were common household products, so you might just be able to bake without making a trip to the food store. 

I hope you enjoy the photos, until next time! XO

homemade vegan doughnuts
We used a mixture of these recipes:


  1. I tried yours and it was great and you just have to look at this lady. She is cool too:

  2. These are looking so cute and delicious !