Monday, April 25, 2016

The Khaki Duster Coat

It feels great to be back with a new outfit post! This look is basically what I wore almost every day in Luxembourg. At least that is true for this Pull & Bear coat and the Zara bag. I get easily attached to new items and wear them constantly. It's also forced upon me, when it's the only coat and bag that I've packed home, but that's another story... Whereas, when it comes to the boots, I'm proud to say that they are actually quite old (remember this post?), and I've started wearing them again. They are made of leather, which is not a fabric I purchase anymore, however I do not wish to throw out my old leather items as that would be wasteful. I choose to wear them out until the end of their life, instead of replacing them with vegan items.

Currently most of my days consist of actively seeking graduate jobs and working on my final assignments. It feels surreal to be finishing University after being in this ecosystem for four years. Then again, I can't wait to finish and get onto the next chapter in my life, whatever it may be. In order to be more productive, I've also started waking up early every morning to do some exercising. At the moment I do about 15-20 mins of various exercises, then I make my breakfast and start productivity, and it really helps! I've been in this productive cycle for about 7 days now and I'm feeling really proud of myself.

It has, however, also made me realize that I really miss being creative. In Luxembourg I shared photography as a common interest with so many of my friends, and spontaneous photoshoots were almost on the daily. I really, really miss it! Not necessarily outfitty blog stuff, just shooting and being creative. If anyone feels a creative drought like me, please for the love of god, hit me up. 

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  1. Lieliski izskaties! :)

  2. Nice outfit:) xx

  3. I love the look ! Especially the coat and the bag !


  4. Love that outfit!! Looks so good on you!
    Nivikka |

  5. Great Outfit my dear! The Khaki coat is phenomenal :)
    Greetings from Trier

    Bernd -