Thursday, May 5, 2016

Making Pure Cranberry Juice Taste (Really) Good

Pure cranberry juice smoothie
I thought I'd do a slightly different post today, as I struggled to find any recipes I liked online. I used to hate cranberry juice, until I found the ridiculously sweet versions of packaged juice and started pumping them in. The problem is that those are made with concentrate and are probably as full of processed sugar as Coke. Now, if you are female, chances are you may have had instances in your life where you were required to drink lots of cranberry juice for medical reasons...hey, just keeping it real here! If you have bladder infection, one of the worst things you can do is drink typical supermarket cranberry juice, as the sugar actually attracts more bacteria and will make your condition worse. Furthermore, the reason cranberry juice is recommended for these infections is because it contains d-mannose, which sticks to your bladder cells and combats the bacteria that tries to come close. Juice made of concentrate will, no doubt, have close to none of the benefits as its natural predecessor. For this reason, please do yourself a favour and only drink 100% pure pressed cranberry juice. They are more expensive, but they combat that bacteria like there's no tomorrow. Apart from this, cranberry juice is so beneficial for your health, so it's great to get it in any way you can. 

I went to my favourite Guildford health shop Food For Thought and found this cranberry juice from a brand called Rabenhorst. It was just above £7 for 750ml, which I thought is expensive, but just imagine how many kilograms of cranberries would be needed to squeeze that amount, right?! Upon tasting the juice at home, it was immediately clear to me that this juice is one of the most sour things I have ever tried. I challenge you to drink it without making a face. It's impossible. So how was I meant to get through 750ml of it, when I struggled just drinking a sip? I knew I had to make a smoothie with it. And smoothie I made. And it was the best thing ever. 

How to make cranberry juice taste good

I use bananas as a base for all my smoothies as they create that creamy and filling texture. The key here was to balance out the sourness with sweet things. I used about 400ml pure cranberry juice, 3 ripe bananas (normally my smoothies contain only 1-2), 5 big sweet dates, and a couple of drops vanilla extract and maple syrup. I want to emphasise that I normally go for natural sweeteners like dates, however I was experimenting, and, well, the juice was really sour. Next time I'll probably skip the sweeteners and use more dates, because natural sugar is always better. The smoothie turned out p-e-r-f-e-c-t. It had a great balance or sweet and sour, and I finished it within minutes. I would suggest having this as your breakfast smoothie, because fruit is always best eaten on an empty stomach, and it will keep you full for at least 2 hours. 

Cranberry juice smoothie ideas and recipes

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  1. This is looking yummy !


  2. Yes! You should definitely do more food-related posts, I'd love to read them! x

  3. I'd like more of these on your blog, I need more ideas on adding some healthier things to the list of what I eat, and this sounds tasty and like a real vitamin bomb! :)